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    Is He My Future Husband?

    I believe this man is my soulmate. We just cannot get enough of each other. It makes all of my past relationships seem like a joke. I feel so happy with this man. Everyday is pure bliss. We know God has brought us together. It had to be fate. He lives in another state. He could have easily...
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    Best Aspect In Our Synastry Chart??

    If there is a such thing as soulmates then he is mine. There's no doubt about it. I met him on 8/17 (88). 88 is the number for double happiness and infinite completion, four full circles. We first made contact at 8:51pm. This is reassurance for me that this is something special because I have...
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    Synastry Chart- Anything Jumps Out?

    I'd like to know what you guys think of our Synastry chart. My boyfriend and I crazy about each other. It is like we have every type of love imaginable for each other- romantic love, parent/child love, brother/sister love, best friends love, etc. I want to know if anything in our charts jumps...