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    Martin Gansten 'The Jewel of Annual Astrology' available

    Martin Gansten has made available his latest book 'The Jewel of Annual Astrology' a translation of Balabhadra’s 'Hāyanaratna' on Indian astrology, Perso-Arabic astrology, the global transmission of astrology in the pre- and early modern period, and/or techniques of annual prediction. Open-access...
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    Traffic Ticket

    Hello, On October 28th 2018 00:38EDT Montreal 45N31 73W34, I asked a question "Will I win in court?" following a traffic ticket I had received the previous day - Oct 27th 2018 at 12h42EDT Montreal 45N31 73W34 I had an audition in court Nov 29, 2019 and the Judge gave me a clearance Dec 10th...