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    Musical Talent Aspects

    Which aspects denote musical talent in a natal chart?
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    So I have a strong eleventh house. What does this mean in terms of fame and fortune? Will this aspect help me with the public and my career? Will I be famous?
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    11th house Fate

    So I know 11th house is the house of dreams. How is this house influenced and expressed in the sign scorpio? Is it still a beneficial aspect for my hopes and dreams?
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    Uranus-Neptune Conjunct Ascendant

    What could this mean in terms of spirituality ego and physical appearance. How can I develop these energies?
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    Dragons Head Conjunct Dark Lillith

    Please tell me about this fated degree. I have dark lillith conjunct the north node on the 10 degree of Capricorn in the first house. Spiritually I know this fated degree has significance but what? List of Aspects Mars Conjunction Pluto Orb 2°45' Uranus Conjunction Neptune Orb 3°25' Sun...
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    Pure Scoprio Idealism

    So this my heavy scorpionic chart expressed through Aquarius' idealistic house. Please tell how this plays out in terms of fate, friendship, and fortune.
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    Mars Pluto Sun Pallas Stellium

    Please help me with this messy energy that comes with this aspect.
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    Midheaven Square Natal Neptune

    Please help me understand what this apsect means in terms of what Midheaven represents and how it is affected by the gentle hand of neptune.
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    Mars PLuto And sun conjunction supercharged aspect

    So I have a tight conjunction of Pluto Mars And Sun in scoprio. Could anyone give me a little detail on how this energy is expressed (paticularly in the 11th house)? Any help would be appreciated. Conversation is encouraged. -jesse
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    Please interpret my strange chart

    So obviously I have a lot of concentrated energy in the first and the eleventh house. But what does it all mean? Any assistance would be of great appreciation. Please lend a hand if you have any idea of how this chart could be interpreted. Thanks, Jesse