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    Birth time rectification of a Breech Birth born

    Hello, there's a little confusion about the accuracy of my birth time since I was born upside-down means my legs came first in a normal delivery( risky case). As there were lot of tensions going on,birth time probably wasn't taken accuratel. My details are Dob : 15 August 1995 Pob...
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    Is my birth chart favourable for service or business?

    I was thinking about joining family business after my graduation.But I don't know if it'll be a good choice.please help me out
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    Bad reputation in my chart

    Hi, I'm kinda worried these days.Anything good I want to do yields opposite result.No wonder so far my friendship luck is bad also my family life has been a matter of tension since childhood.My relationship with my father is not good as he's domineering and conservative whereas I almost don't...
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    Marriage and career

    Please check anybody Hello sir, I’m currently studying in Civil Engineering.My studies will be completed in 1.5 years.Despite working hard my results are not as I expected.Meanwhile my family is worried about my underweight and says it’s hard to find suitor for such a black and skinny girl...