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    Grand square interpretation

    Hi! There is a lot going on my chart lately and I am not sure how I can interpret them all together. Since last spring transit Saturn and Uranus and my natal sun-mercury and Pluto making a grand square. My sun and Mercury are in 12th house Leo, and Pluto is in 3rd house Scorpio. Transit Uranus...
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    Can you please read my chart with transits?

    Can someone please help me understanding my chart? I'm trying to learn astrology for years but it's really hard to see things when it comes to my own chart. I wrote here before to get help but no-one answered, I'm writing e mails to astrologers to get an appointment from them but none of them...
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    Can someone look at my relocation chart?

    can someone please help me reading my relocation chart? can someone please help me to read my relocation chart and tell me what would I could expect? I also add my natal chart with transits. Thanks a lot.:innocent: