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    Global Warming?

    HOT TOPIC!!! This isn't about what to DO about Global Warming, IF it's a real phenomenon. It's about whether or not the record high temperatures we're seeing THIS Summer are DUE to an actual, ongoing TREND. There seems to be a prevalent opinion that Global Warming is a hoax. But, what if it's...
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    Anyone actually believe in Muses?

    If not, what about a modern-day psychological explanation for what was originally meant by a "Muse" as a source of inspiration in ancient times, all the way up to at least the end of the 17th Century A.D.? And, is it something real? I personally believe it is, and although I don't personify or...
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    Astrologers Versus Astronomers

    We rely on modern-day astronomers for the ephemerides. Those who use the outermosts and asteroids rely on astronomers for the names of those celestial bodies, and many of us attach astrological significance to those namings. But, are the names the astronomers give them always correct? Should we...
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    Saturn is the Sole Domicile-ruler of Capricorn

    I don't use co-rulerships, so for me, as a Modernist astrologer, Capricorn is Saturn's ONLY Domicile-Sign. One planet per Domicle-Sign. However, Saturn can have a strong impact when in other Signs as well, without being domiciled there.
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    favorite memes?

    Should be fun to see some classics. Oh, and memes ARE allowed on this thread! :rightful:
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    The "What If?" Thread

    This thread is for metaphysical possibilities outside the range of our currently shared Reality. Text only, please. What if there was no need for life to devour life in order to live?
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    Omicron News

    This thread is all about Omicron. No memes please. I presently have 4 questions: 1) Will the symptoms remain as mild as is currently being reported? 2) Will the authorities be willing to admit the already obvious--that being fully vaxxed is no protection against catching it? 3) Will Omicron...
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    Darrell Brooks Charged With Six Intentional Homicides

    Darrell Brooks has now been charged with six intentional homicides, following his Wisconsin Christmas Parade massacre using a motor vehicle. He acted alone, and has no official membership in any known organizations. Authorities haven't been able to ascertain whether or not he deliberately...
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    Let's Go Stormy!

    For those who feel like emulating the Conservatives who are getting a kick out of chanting "Go Brandon", meaning "F*ck Biden"-- LET'S GO STORMY will let you express that same sentiment concerning the former President. It's even better, because **** star Stormy Daniels really DID! :lol...
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    Was Operation Warp Speed a Colossal Blunder?

    Without Operation Warp Speed, these Covid-19 vaccines wouldn't have been created. Would the world have been better off without them? What's your opinion? No memes please, because it's about your own personal opinion.
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    Eclipses in Horary

    Re: Moderators need to be more objective Are eclipses a major consideration in Horary, and if so, are they interpreted as positive or negative? I'm asking, because an enthusiastic, overwhelmingly positive interpretation for them was the astrological reasoning in the deleted post of the OP.
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    Vaccination Mandates Are Illogical and Counterproductive

    Back when it was believed Covid-19 vaccinations conferred total immunity to both catching and spreading the virus, the mandates, although still a violation of an Individual's right to control of one's own body, made at least some sense. Now they don't, since being fully vaccinated doesn't stop...
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    Is Biden a "Tyrant" for Mandating Government Employees Get Tested For Covid-19?

    Is Biden a "Tyrant" for Mandating Government Employees Get Tested For Covid-19? Stopping the spread of Covid-19 is a top priority for President Biden. Testing Federal employees for the virus makes sense in that regard. HOWEVER, requiring PRIVATE Sector companies with 100 employees or more to...
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    Opinions about "Critical Race Theory"?

    I had to read about it to find out what it's about, and why it's so controversial. My impression is that it does have some value, because of the incredible amount of prejudice and abuse African-Americans have endured over the Centuries. I think there's great value in not obsessing too much...
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    Zygote or Baby?

    [Hot Topic Alert!] One sneaky semantic trick is commonly used by anti-abortion advocates: The use of the term "baby", or "child" as applied to zygotes and embryos, and early term fetuses, to elicit an emotional reaction. Just once, I'd like to see an abortion protester holding up a sign with...
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    As an Astrologer, How Would You Briefly Describe Yourself As an Individual?

    For, example, I've used the combination-word "Piquarian" (Pisces/Aquarius) which fits me pretty well. (Doesn't have to be a combination-word.)
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    Does the synastry between a person and a politician affect their feelings about them?

    [this thread was created based on off-topic posts on a different thread - Moderator] Blackbery, isn't it really about Synastry--one Individual having good Synastry with someone, another having bad Synastry? It appears that Trump, as an Individual, divides us along those lines to the extreme...
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    Care to talk about your astrological forecast of the 2020 Presidential election?

    This isn't about gloating if you were right as to who would be Inaugurated in 2021, or claiming that you were right, but that the Election was "stolen"--that outcome should have been included in the astrology. It's just about how you arrived at your conclusions by explaining your astrological...
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    Why would anyone in their right mind give any credence to the Ninja Maricopa recount?

    The results were assumed BEFORE the counting began. This company had no auditing experience whatsoever, and the CEO already believed the Election was rigged against Trump. If you WANT to believe the Ninja results, fine. And, say hello to the Tooth Fairy for me while you're at it! Regular-size...
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    Each Sign Has Only One Domicile-ruler.

    Any disagreement? :smile: