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  1. Osamenor

    Hi, Cancer Moon Here!

    We recently changed our forum software. What was called private messaging on the old software (pm for short) is called Conversation on the new software. To private message someone, click on (or just hover over) their username. You'll get a pop up with some options, one of which is Start a...
  2. Osamenor

    Other's Mars' in Your 3rd House

    What's most relevant in synastry isn't which of your houses the other person's planets are in so much as it is how their planets aspect yours. The house placement may add a little bit of theme to how it manifests, but the aspects are the meat of it. What aspects does your grandfather's Mars...
  3. Osamenor

    Job Prospects?

    Your career sector is ruled by Moon. Moon moves through the zodiac so fast that its transits don't do much for setting off significant events, like finding a job. With fast moving planets like that, progressions are more relevant. Your progressed chart, with or without the natal, would be...
  4. Osamenor

    Does she love me?

    For this particular question, horary is the best way to get an answer. And it's given you one. Just not the answer you were hoping for.
  5. Osamenor

    Does she love me?

    If you know her birth information and you want to post a synastry for the two of you on the Read My Chart board, that could be another angle to explore the relationship from, but it wouldn't tell us how she actually feels about you. Synastry just shows what the relationship dynamics would be if...
  6. Osamenor

    Hi, Cancer Moon Here!

    Jupiterasc just posts those links in everyone's introduction thread. It's their way of offering to show people around. It does not mean you're violating any rules.
  7. Osamenor

    this person just woke me up

    One of them is in Capricorn, Mars's sign of exaltation, and the other is in Aries, Mars's domicile. They like each other's signs. (They also like their own.) I think that square aspect between them, both being strong, facilitates exactly what you describe: this person gave you a jolt and really...
  8. Osamenor

    Does she love me?

    For horary purposes, the seventh house describes any romantic relationship you're asking about. It can be anything from just a crush to your spouse of many years. If you have a spouse of many years, that's obviously an established relationship, but a crush is not. As far as horary is concerned...
  9. Osamenor

    Does she love me?

    Composite charts are meaningless if the parties involved don't have an established relationship with each other, and they don't show the relationship dynamics. What you'd want for this is a synastry chart, not a composite. Not in this thread. Horary threads are for horary charts only. If you...
  10. Osamenor

    Lost purse, please help 🙏

    Our main go to site for charts is
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    Does she love me?

    All, Posts in horary threads MUST address the chart and question WITH horary astrology. I just deleted many posts that did not include any astrology. If you don't have a response based on the horary chart, WITH your specific astrological reasoning spelled out, do not post in this thread...
  12. Osamenor

    Lost purse, please help 🙏

    That's what professional horary astrologers do during a consultation, but that's not something we can do on this forum. For a horary chart to be valid, it has to be the only chart cast for the question. When an astrologer is doing a private horary consultation, they're the only astrologer to see...
  13. Osamenor

    Lost purse, please help 🙏

    To ask a horary question on this forum, you're required to provide the horary chart. The chart of the event is not a horary chart. To make it a horary, you have to cast the chart for the date, time, and place that you decided to make it a horary question. Others cannot do that for you. Please...
  14. Osamenor

    Does someone know what kind of person -chartwise would be my ideal partner?

    For astrological purposes, the time of birth is the moment of first cry. That's when you draw breath for the first time. It's the energies of that moment that you absorb, that become the blueprint (very roughly drawn) for your life. The baby has to be all the way out to take that first breath...
  15. Osamenor

    When does it feel like the best time for me to get into a relationship?

    You need to post your chart, not just birth information. The best time to get into a relationship is when you meet someone you want a relationship with. Astrologically, those times are easier to see in hindsight than in advance. There are some commonalities in the themes that usually show up...
  16. Osamenor

    What are the best remedies in astrology that work surprisingly?

    Remedies for what? What do you mean by "surprisingly"?
  17. Osamenor

    Hello :-)

    Welcome back, Erik! :biggrin: This board is only for introductions, not chart reading. If you want to explore your chart, please post on the Read My Chart board.
  18. Osamenor

    Am I compatible as a midwife?

    No. It might mean taking care of others is a skill that comes to you naturally. If you believe in past lives, we could say it's a skill honed over many lifetimes. Chiron in wide orb conjunction to your south node, along with the Cancer placement, suggests a past, and natural skill, as a healer...
  19. Osamenor

    why is that i always attract men who are born in the 1980s lmfao?

    That's a perfect description of Pluto energy.