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    Beginner at Transits! Venus sq pluto transit.

    Hello, thanks for taking the time to check out my post. I've just started to learn about transits. I want to know how long does Venus Square Pluto in this chart and specifically what sort of scenarios does a Venus Square Pluto transit bring? And does Venus even square pluto or am I reading the...
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    Aries, why so sexy?

    Everytime I meet someone I like or someone approaches me it happens to be an Aries (Aries are sexy, but I'm a Scorpio). Is there something in my chart that denotes this? My Midheaven and lilth is in Aries? ZODIAC IN DEGREES Sun Scorpio 11.33 Moon Cancer 1.24 Mercury Scorpio 16.34 R Venus...
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    Help with reading synastry charts

    how can I delete threads Is there a way I can delete this thread
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    I don't know if this the right section to post this or not but is synastry accurate? And if so can you guys help me out with it? I know very little and would love to learn from the experts, thanks :)