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    Career? Job? Finances? Need insight on my future

    Im crushed. Im broken completely. All i need is insight on the themes i wrote in the title. What can be seen in my chart about my soon future. I need help...
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    how the relationship with this person will develop?

    NOT a love interest. Ex Friend. Help please
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    Did he read my message? What do you think? Moon square saturn = no?
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    Will he get back to me?

    The last try
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    When will he contact me?

    God, I cant stand it anymore. In need of help. Love interest
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    His feelings about me?

    I asked the question " what are his feelings towards me? " Need a little help, confused af
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    When will my next relationship start?

    Days and days Im trying to read this chart but I guess, I can only read yes and no. I need help here..
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    How will be our date

    He's coming here to stay 5 days and I'm super nervous and I'm dying inside I'm very insecure every time. What will happen when we meet on 5 december please help. Moon have negative aspects, my ruler conjunct saturn? I need short and clear answers i'm worried
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    My fiance disappeared?

    We soon have to meet and tickets are already bought by him but he disappeared? Last we talked on 9th and we had fight but he said he's not giving up on me. And on 13th, on his birthday he disappeared, his phone is turned off and nobody knows what is he doing? Im very very very worried. Im dying...
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    Is it safe to go to him in his country can I trust him

    My question is can i trust him? Is it safe to go to him in his country? I am VERY serious about that. I need answers ! Saturn in first house don't look good for me ? Im from my phone Please i need fast answers
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    I need vedic chart reading please help

    I really can't find comfort and calm my soul. I have problems with health ( panic attacks ) and I'm like imprisoned in home. I need vedic chart reading to see my soon future and about my love life. I don't know how to put vedic chart but here is my info 11 august 1999 1 pm vraca, bulgaria I...
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    What will be my parents reaction when I move in another city?

    My question is in the title. Mars conjunct ascendant means they will be angry? It's important to me , I need answer and help
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    Asteroid KARMA conjunct MARS = Murder ?

    Beautiful woman died recently. She had asteroid Karma in leo conjunct mars in 7th house in her natal chart. She was murdered in a car with a man, possibly her partner. Both messed with the wrong people. My boyfriend have asteroid Karma in taurus conjunct mars in 5th house in his natal chart. In...
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    Mysterious cancer man. I desire him so much ! Help me know him better?

    He's not very talkative but I can see it in his eyes he got desire for me too. In the past he said he wanted relationship with me but I was taken , so I cannot. We started meeting and talking again. I'm in burning desire for him and I always had it towards him. He's always calling me in the...
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    When will he contact me?

    I really need answers.. when will he contact me? I ask this question when my ex will contact me. And if it can be seen, what will be the situation, how will he feel and so on. Please help... :(
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    What gives him power over me? Why I can't forget him? After all the pain he gave me.

    How I still didn't forget him? Years passed and I'm still on the same level in love completely with him, no matter I had other men too. He didn't cared about me , my desires, my feelings and so on. I was absolute slave to him. I was and still am crazy in love, no matter the things he did to me...
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    Relationship with Pisces

    We know each other for several years. We had 2-3 dates in the past but we was different then and our attention was only in the physical. I just disappeared and left him like nothing. I thought I will never see / talk with him again. But I was wrong. Some months ago we met again absolutely...
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    It's over. Will he miss me?

    Will he miss me ?..... I'm from my phone sorry
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    I'm hurt. Is our relationship going to its end?

    I know I acted a little not serious in the beginning. And he was serious. I know I am getting angry too fast. I know I did mistakes. I know it hurt him. But I love him and he loved me... we are together whole 2 years , he's the only person I talk to and I share everything with him , he became...
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    When I'll get away from this house?

    I feel like in prison here. If time can be seen in horary, I have nothing more to add. When I'll get away from this house?