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    Sun vs. Moon sign

    Do you think person’s authentic self is their sun or moon sign? Are ’you’ your moon sign expressing yourself as your sun sign or is your real self your sun sign whose emotions are your moon sign? Which one is the inner-core? I read today in some forum someone putting it in a way that just like...
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    If someone wants to read my chart

    It would be nice, if someone feels like they want to : ) I have been into astrology for few years, but i’m not very professional. My chart isn’t very interesting i guess but of course it’s nice to hear if someone notices something they’d like to tell about haha...
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    Mutable big 3

    All my big 3 signs are mutable, and even the houses belong for mutable signs. (Sagittarius sun 9th house, pisces moon 12th house & pisces rising). I have always had this issue with not really having Sense of self/identity and i always change so much like i don’t feel like i know myself very...
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    Astrology friends

    Hey, Would someone like to be astrology friends with me? :innocent: I'm kind of beginner in astrology, but it would be amazing to have someone to chat with about astrology. :smile: If you're interested, come message me if you want to. :)
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    Paranormal sleeping experiences

    Sorry i don’t know how to delete this
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    3 planets in the 12th house

    so i have my moon, neptune and uranus in the 12th house, and my moon is in pisces.. i have very interesting dreams etc, especially when i was a child.. what do you think? do you have a lot of planets in the 12th house, or do you know someone who does? how does it affect you or the person who...
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    has someone something to say about my chart :)?
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    signs lacking planets

    hi! i have no planets in cancer, libra, virgo or taurus. the thing that i'm most concerned about is the cancer one. does this mean that i might be un-empathetic? (sorry about my grammar :)) thank you if you can help!-
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    What are some of the worst aspects/planets in a natal chart?

    What's your opinion? I'm kind of beginner in astrology, so it would be nice to hear your opinions on this topic.:) I don't personally know what would be some bad aspects/planetary positions.. Maybe mars :mars: in scorpio :scorpio:..? (i have got that placement myself haha:whistling:) (also...
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    My appearance based on my chart?

    Hello! Could someone here tell me a little bit about my appearance based on my birth chart? (and i'm obviously interested in a lot other things too, so if anything about my chart catches your attention i'll be happy to hear. :biggrin:) Here's a link to my birth chart, i didn't manage to post...