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    Known outcome: "Will rouble go down further?".

    known outcome: "Will rouble go down further?". After well-known events around Crimea the querent having her own jewellery shop in Moscow was very worried about further prices. In autumn of 2014 rouble had fallen from 38 to 58 roubles for dollar. in January, 2015 she asked the question: "Will...
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    Known outcome. "Will I get my baggage?".

    Here is a "simple" chart. Could someone comment on this? "My baggage was lost, but the airport administration promised to find it. My question: will my baggage be returned to me?" 09.01.2015, 12.29 Belgorod, gmt+3 50.36n, 36.34e My interpretation: s1 Ven 7.14 Aquarius (querent) s2 Mer 6.27...
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    Hello everybody!!!

    I am Yuri, from Russia, Moscow. Came across your forum and decided to participate despite my awful English (hope it's not so bad?). Interested in horary analysing, exchanging views of real charts. Do I have a permission? What is a tag? Yuri