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    Is there a good chance for an long lasting relationship?

    Hello I am in relationship with an married man for a while ( last 3, 4 months). So I wanted to ask how does he feel about me? Is there any chance for an long lasting relationship between us? How can this develop? Thank you.
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    Does my ex likes men in a romantic way?

    Hiiii Can someone answer me pls on this question. Does my ex bf likes men in a romantic way? Thanks to everyone. :)
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    Relationship this year?

    Hi everybody! Can some of us answer me the question. Will I meet someone new for relationship this year? Thank you very much.
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    Will I finish this university?

    Hi everybody! Can someone answer me, will I be able to finish this university I have started or I should quit? Thanks :)
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    Does he likes me?

    Hi everybody! I met some guy more then a year ago. Then happend nothing but last time we started to talk again and I was wondering does he likes me in a romantic way? If someone is able to answer me I would be so thankfull.