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    Depression-family problem

    Hi All I have suffered with depression on and off for most of my life.. I am going through another phase of depression for the past few months. I really don't know what to do.where is my life im compeletly lost. Currently I am under medication on prescription everyday.It is like I have no...
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    nakshatras time

    hey friend when do planets activate nakshatra in mahadasha or antradasha? thank you.
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    Your Valued Feedbacks

    belated happy birthday sir..may god bless u more.
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    please analyze my vedic chart

    yup all are true...^ I'm very traditional/conservative new chart:- My business venture didn't go very well, and I'm trying to rebuild my life right now. Family, never really gotten along well with them. I had previously planned on moving, but that fell through. I...
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    please analyze my vedic chart

    Hello astrologers, This is my vedic chart...i've been going through very rough time financially, parents don't believe in me and never supported me. when will i come out of my problems?
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    Read my chart

    Hi..analyze my chart..i will appreciate guidance on career,home life! D/o/b:-9/dec/1992 Time:-11:20 AM Place:-New Delhi(india) Gender:-Male Thanks