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    When will I finish faculty?

    Hello to everyone! Can someone help me about this matter? I would be so thankful. When will I finish faculty? Thanks to everyone!
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    Will they be together soon?

    Hi to everybody! I want to ask an question for my friend. The thing is that she has a long distand husband, and waiting for his finnaly coming to her country. They had few problems about his coming like papers, money... Will he come here soon? Will they be together soon? Thanks to...
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    Does this new man really likes me?

    Hello to everybody! I meet online one guy, maybe month ago. And now I am interested in question, does he really likes me for serious relationship or no? We are talking everyday, but I am wondering should I meet him in live? Thanks.
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    Exam (tomorrow)

    Hello to everyone :) Can anybody tell me is there a hope to pass my exam tomorrow? I havent prepared myself really good for it... Thanks
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    Will he try to reach me?