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    Hello everyone! Can someone interpret what aspect produces the off and on in this relationship? and if there is any indication of stability at some point? The reasons for turning on and off are not due to fights, rather as if personal issues outside the relationship always arise (work and...
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    Very intense feelings!

    Hi all! Someone to give me a reading of this synastry and composite, it is a loving situation. ps: the schedules are correct and exact. Thank you Synastry Composite
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    synastry and distance

    Hello everyone! I have this synastry with a woman (she is out) it is an on and off relationship every so often, due to our jobs we are in different cities .. we fantasize about our future together (typical, family, house etc ..) and then we disappear .. is it possible that the synastry shows...
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    polemical women, stalkers and malicious..

    Hello everyone! I always read the forum but today I want to consult .. I always read that there are women (I am a man) who attract dark men, who persecute them, they stalk even they are sociopaths .. now my question is the other way around, what astrological aspects can a man have who always...