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    Demetria George Vol. 2 now available

    For those of our friends interested in Hellenistic astrology, the long awaited volume 2 of Demetra George ‘s “Ancient Astrology in theory & practice” was released in late April, 2022, and is now available on Amazon; this volume deals especially with the houses and planetary delineation from the...
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    Center for national charts

    In erecting mundane charts for nations or states, I use the mean population center of that country or state (rather than the Capitol or origin point) as my point of reference for the chart; occasionally I will use the geographical center instead, but mostly I use the mean population center; for...
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    A Caveat in making Elections

    The various modernist and traditionalist books on electional astrology provide ample instructions on what to do, and what to avoid, in making elections. But one extremely important warning has not received due attention, at least in the sources I have studied: NEVER PLACE THE SOUTH NODE in the...
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    Endocrine/Sign Affinities

    I have used the following endocrine/sign affinities for many years; thought posting them would be of some interest. Pineal: Leo Hypothalamus (not an endocrine): Virgo Anterior Pituitary: Libra Posterior Pituitary: Scorpio Thyroid: Sagittarius Parathyroid: Capricorn Thymus: Aquarius Pancreas...
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    Good introduction to using dignities

    A very good introduction to the practical use of dignities in astrological delineation is Charles Obert’s book “Using Dignities in Astrology”-a well written explanation of everything involved in this subject.
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    Best traditionalist book on Mundane Astrol

    In my opinion the best guides to the application of traditional astrological techniques to the various fields encompassed by mundane astrology are Ben Dykes Astrology of the World volume 1 and volume 2.
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    Best introduction to Hellenistic Astrology

    For those wishing to tackle the interesting but complex field of ancient Hellenistic astrology, I recommend as their first book Chris Brennan’s excellent and clearly written “Hellenistic Astrology: a Study of Fate & Fortune”; close study of this book will enable you to try out the old-time...
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    Best introduction to Traditional Astrology

    For those interested in learning about the nature and basics of the western traditional approach to astrology, I heartily recommend Ben Dykes “Traditional Astrology for Today: an Introduction”. Excellent book-even dedicated modernists will find much of interest in this fine presentation.
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    Salvador Ramos

    Birth May 16, 2004, Uvalde Texas; I erected a chart for 12 noon; more exact birth time is desirable. Some analysis forthcoming-immediately noticeable is the return of the south node to natal Scorpio, the near exact conjunction of natal sun with Algol, the parallel of mars & Lilith, the parallel...
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    Astrological Magic

    For those interested in the traditional western esoteric approach, I strongly recommend a study of “Astrological Magic” by Ben Dykes. The book is free from theosophical speculations and is solidly based on our western approach to the magical universe.
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    An Eclectic Study Suggestion

    1st; study the modernist works of Margaret Hone, Charles Carter & Manly Hall Then, once these are fully digested and practically tried, begin the study of -Manilius Astronomica, then -Valens Anthology, then -works of Paulus Alexandrianus, then move to the Arabic authors: -Abu Mashars Great...
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    My method: “Ankara” Horary

    Older readers of this forum will recall my many horary posts in bygone years using an unusual and hardly known method which I called Ankara horary; Following is a brief elucidation of this method-I am not advocating it, I am just elucidating for the curious, just telling about what I use, about...
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    6/14/18: Trump Critical Year begin

    By simple symbolic progression today marks the beginning of a Critical Year for Trump: this 72 year of his life has progressed indications of a most critical nature: "critical nature" could mean severe health issues, it could mean death, it could mean assassination, or it could mean significant...
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    An Eclectic Delineation of Stephen Paddock's Horoscope

    My delineation of the Paddock horoscope will cover a number of postings to this thread. First I shall give a summary of the placements in the natal map, Then I will post a series of delineations of what I consider to be the salient points in his horoscope.
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    Mandalay Massacre 10/01/17

    The following is my analysis of the event chart of the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting frenzy, which killed 59 persons and wounded 527 more (total casualties 586) Time, Date: October 1, 10:08 PM local time Place: Las Vegas, Nevada Tropical Whole Sign Houses Manilius Decans Important Chart...
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    Various Color Allocations of Signs & Planets

    ZODIACAL SIGN COLOR AFFINITIES: MODERN ASTROLOGY ARIES -bright red, carmine, fiery red Hues: flaming TAURUS -yellow Hues: pastel tints GEMINI -violet Hues: monotonous shades CANCER -green; blue-green/turqouise Hues: iridescent, opalescent hues LEO -gold; golden yellow; bright orange Hues...
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    Color of 82 Stars & Nebula

    WHITE Achernar Algenib Algol Alhena Alnilam Canopus Capella Caphir Castor Deneb Adige El Nath Isidis Markab Sharatan Spica WHITE/RED Acubens WHITE/BLUE Rigel WHITE/ULTRAMARINE Regulus WHITE/YELLOW Toliman (Bungula) Polaris Sirius WHITE/LILAC Graffias WHITE/VIOLET-PURPLE Alpheratz Mintaka...
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    Previous Total Solar Eclipse over USA: 2/26/79

    The previous total solar eclipse visible over the USA (northwest states, through eastern and northern Canada) occurred on February 26, 1979; it was a SN eclipse, in 7 Pisces; the eclipse was in the mutable sign of Pisces, and in the cardinal (Manilius) decan of Capricorn. I erected the eclipse...
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    Geographical Zodiacal Significations

    The following is a list of the regional, GEOGRAPHICAL significations ("rulerships") of the various signs of the Zodiac, as developed over the centuries by various mundane astrology investigators. This is NOT a list of zodiacal rulerships based upon "birth time" of political entities such as...
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    Trump & the Environment: Natal Indications

    Basic attitudes of an individual regarding the environment can often be estimated by analysis of the natal chart, especially by examining the PART OF EARTH in that chart. The formula for finding the Part of Earth in a diurnal horoscope is: ascendant+Jupiter- Saturn. In the Trump natal, the...