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    Someone who has hidden depth

    Hello. This is just a theory of mine, I have been thinking about it for a little while. I will now share it and see what people think. So basically, if there are planets that aspect the ascendant, people will notice it. For example, if venus conjuncts or closely trine/sextile the ascendant...
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    Jupiter EXACTLY at the Ascendant in Sagittarius

    I have never seen a chart ruler that's so close to the ascendant. And the fact it's in the super-lucky should buy lots of lottery tickets.
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    What placements and aspects in one’s natal chart can indicate stalkers?

    Mars from one person's chart hard-aspecting the other's Pluto---violent and obsessive behavior is indicated.
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    Chart overlay for friends

    Hello. We all know that when a romantic partner has their important planets in your 7th house, you could potentially see them as your ideal mate. However, what if this overlay happens between platonic friends? How does it color their relationship and how they view each other? Thanks.
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    A Woman's Essence Seen Astrologically?

    The Moon tells a woman's emotional nature and her Venus describes how she expresses her femininity.
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    Need some education: Which charts to use when?

    That would be a horary.
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    Having multiple grand trines? What does it mean?

    I think that these grand trines mean that you have natural gifts in the areas covered. However, just like tim mentioned, you need to perhaps look to the more challenging aspects to see what gives you the motivation to succeed and make something of yourself. In fact, I believe that in the olden...
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    Composite chart v davison v synastry

    Hello. Just wondering which of them is the most accurate based on your personal experience. I believe that the composite charts are a very recent invention, dating back to the 1970s or so, whereas synastry and chart comparison have existed for thousands of years. Do you find one to be more...
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    Am I just destined for a life of poverty?

    If your employer doesn't honor the contract they have signed with you, you can take them to court.
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    Stelliums 8th/9th and mutual reception

    Your understanding is correct, however, some people do not believe that Pluto rules Scorpio. In other words, they still use traditional rulership, in which case it would be Mars. And they use the modern-day ruler for additional information.
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    What Astrological Sign Best Describes Coffee?™️

    Haha, I see.
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    What Astrological Sign Best Describes Coffee?™️

    Wouldn't they simply order the most expensive thing from the menu? I mean they want a bigger total so they can get more tips.
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    Greetings everyone! I have double grand Trines in fire and air!

    A double grand trine is a Star of David, an incredibly rare configuration.
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    What do you think of this composite chart? Is there anything significant that you see

    For a composite chart to be powerful, I like to see at least 3, 4 planets in angular houses. And the lights to not be in cadent houses. Your composite sun is in a mutable sign but in a succedent house, which is not terrible.
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    What Astrological Sign Best Describes Coffee?™️

    Lol I want read this person's posts.
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    Does Mars conjunct Ascendant give sex appeal and magnetism?

    I think sex appeal, magnetism and all that is just one way of putting it. Personally, I call it being likable. People with strong Venusian energy (for example, venus ascending, being near the ascendant, dignified venus..etc) tend to endear the natives to others. People simply like them. It...
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    Neptune in the 3rd

    I believe my brother has his Neptune in his 3rd, and I don't think he has any problems with electronics/technology. In fact, he works in a computer-related field. I would say I am way more technology-challenged, and my Neptune is nowhere near the 3rd.
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    Sun in 6th house

    Thanks for the analysis, Osa. Sometimes I wish my Sun was a few minutes earlier, like I literally only needed less than 1 degree and my sun would be in the 5th house. Having the Sun in its natural awesome would that be!
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    Sun in 6th house sweet heart.