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    Someone who has hidden depth

    Hello. This is just a theory of mine, I have been thinking about it for a little while. I will now share it and see what people think. So basically, if there are planets that aspect the ascendant, people will notice it. For example, if venus conjuncts or closely trine/sextile the ascendant...
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    Chart overlay for friends

    Hello. We all know that when a romantic partner has their important planets in your 7th house, you could potentially see them as your ideal mate. However, what if this overlay happens between platonic friends? How does it color their relationship and how they view each other? Thanks.
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    Composite chart v davison v synastry

    Hello. Just wondering which of them is the most accurate based on your personal experience. I believe that the composite charts are a very recent invention, dating back to the 1970s or so, whereas synastry and chart comparison have existed for thousands of years. Do you find one to be more...
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    Ruler of 7th house in the 5th house

    Hello, I would like to learn more about this aspect, as I have it in my chart. My rough understanding is that when it comes to choosing a spouse, romantic feelings are very important. I would base my decision on whether there are genuine emotions, attachments and feelings. This is the extent...
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    People with the 12th house emphasized

    Hello. I have always had a fascination with this house, the house of sorrow and self-undoing. I personally don't have any planets here, but I really want to connect with those who do, especially if they have important planets here. I want to ask them how they see themselves, what their lives...
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    Rethinking sextiles

    Hello. I used to not think much of sextiles. I saw them as the less powerful, mousy little sister of trines. However, I am starting to see them in a different light now. I feel that not only are they a harmonious aspect (which is always nice to have), they actually give people the chance to...
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    The most powerful house in the composite

    Hello. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the house that is the most powerful in a composite. Based on your personal experience. Personally I feel that it's gotta be one of the angular houses, minus the 10th, which isn't very romantic to me. So it comes down to the 1st, 4th and...
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    On this inky night

    On this inky night, I eat alone. Thinking about the last thing you said to me. The taste of it, it's the taste of nostalgia. It's a wistful taste. Of the many lights outside, which is yours? The dirty dish goes in the sink. It makes a sound, among the silence all around. There were many ways it...
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    Determining financial health

    Hello. I feel that I have talked enough about my love life that I want to talk about something else, aka, my financial life. I wonder what aspect or house I should pay attention to, to determine whether I have financial health. I am guessing I should look at my 2nd house and its lord? My...
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    Will I have a boyfriend this year?

    Hello. I believe there will be quite a few changes this year for me. For one thing, I have decided to finally move out of my mom's house by the end of the year. I have gotten a new job, and I am getting along quite well with my coworkers. My hope is that some of them will introduce their...
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    Sun in 6th house

    Hello. I am just wondering how Sun in the 6th tends to manifest. I have this placement, and I honestly feel that I really like taking on the subordinate position at work. I don't ever want to be the boss. I like taking orders and being told what to do. Even though my Sun is in Leo, the...
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    Moon contact v house overlay

    Hello. I am a big believer in the importance of house overlays for the purpose of relationship analysis. For example, I would overlap an acquaintance's chart over mine to see where their planets lie in my chart. I still consider planetary contacts, as in, what their planets are doing to mine...
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    Mars square Saturn in synastry

    Hello. I was just looking at my ex-manager's chart (yes this is yet another chapter in my endless ex-manager saga), I just realized that we actually have Mars square Saturn. The orb isn't very tight (it's about 6 degrees), however I believe it's still in orb. Before I was only focused on our...
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    Is the 4th house a relationship house?

    Hello. I am sure most of us know that the 1st, 5th, 7th and sometimes the 8th houses are relationship-oriented houses. Whenever we study synastry charts, we look at these houses. But what about the 4th house? Tbh, I have not heard of it referred to as being important in relationship...
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    Should I move to Kamloops?

    Hello. I asked the question and casted a chart. Now, I am usually not that great at reading a horary but this chart is absolutely brain-dead. It is soooo obvious. The significators of the 1st and 7th are in a close conjunction and located in an angular house. So I take this as a very...
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    I am trying to be more like an Aquarius Moon

    And I think I am succeeding. Right now I can see that I am very laid back and relaxed in my approaches. I talk to everybody, both on and off-line, and I try to spread positivity. For once I am forcing myself out of my shell and try to be more social. Just got back from a lunch date with...
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    Is marriage shown in this chart?

    [moved from other thread - Moderator] Please see my birth chart below.
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    When will I find a guy?

    Thanks for all who participated in my other horary question. Now I have a different question. Not an yes or no question, but rather, it's a question about timing. I wish to find out when I will finally find a guy. Please see chart, thanks.
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    Will I be alone forever?

    Hello. I have casted a chart asking if I would be alone forever. Suffice to say, emotions are running high. I could almost write a poem. Any thought is appreciated.
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    Did my ex-manager get a girlfriend

    Hello. I casted a chart asking if my ex-manager has recently got a girlfriend. I haven't talked to him for almost a month now. I am seeing that there is no connection between the significators of the 1st and 7th house, however Moon is making a favorable trine to Saturn. Dont know what this...