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  1. Ukpoohbear

    Bobby Cummines - ex London Gangster

    He does not like the term ‘gangster’ - someone called him it once and he ‘educated’ him with a gun - he describes himself as a business man. He ruled South London for 30 years, at the same time as the Kray’s, who he described as ‘stupid.’ Apparently they weren’t very intelligent, just violent...
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    Who are reactions, what do they want and what do they mean to me as a person?
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    Loni Willison - from Hollywood Model to Homeless

    I came across a newspaper article today with photos of a Hollywood fitness model who was photographed pushing a trolley around and living on the streets of Venice Beach, Florida. I could not believe the difference in her lifestyle and appearance and I immediately wanted to learn more about her...
  4. Ukpoohbear

    Read my chart request

    A private person seeks chart reading by equally private person via pm.
  5. Ukpoohbear

    Will I get the Team Leader role?

    I haven recently been speaking to the recruitment manager about TL roles which are available in the company, however one also recently came up for the account which I already work on, so of course I applied for it. I asked horary if I would be successful for this role a few days before the...
  6. Ukpoohbear

    Doom & Gloom

    This is a thread to help me express my negative energies and transmute them into love. Ever since Venus conjunct Pluto in December '21 and then went retrograde, I have been feeling out of sorts, it hit me quite intensely, if you can imagine from a Pluto transit. It was intense like Pluto but...
  7. Ukpoohbear

    Will I become a TL at my company?

    I asked if I will before a Team Leader at my company. The chart does not look good and instead I think I might be sacked when Mercury conjuncts the Sun which rules 12th house of undoing. I have recently been promoted to manager but so did about 8 other people at the same time due to...
  8. Ukpoohbear

    Am I going to get pregnant with A?

    I am feeling soo broody right now. I asked the chart the exact question as you see above but I was really wondering if I am pregnant right now, even though I don’t feel it. The chart confirms I am not pregnant because quite simply me the Moon is in the sign of him Saturn’s fall. However now I...
  9. Ukpoohbear

    Please help me understand my person <3

    This is the chart of my neighbour who I have been having relations with on and off since the start of lockdown. We were just friends for the first 6 months though and we have been on and off. Currently, we are on and it has recently heated up between us but I am worried about how serious he is...
  10. Ukpoohbear

    Medal of Honor recipients

    Medal of Honor recipients - Above and beyond the call of duty - let's share their stories and look at their charts so we can find clues as to what makes a man a hero. I have been watching the Netflix series 'Medal of Honor' and will be sharing the stories of the men portrayed in each episode...
  11. Ukpoohbear

    Will I get promoted?

    I am following traditional horary and so 10th house Saturn is the house of my job/boss/promotion. I am Venus, dignified and strong in its own sign and exalting Saturn. Moon in 1st house translates light between both sigs, which is a positive. However, Saturn separates from Venus and goes to...
  12. Ukpoohbear

    Will Britney’s conservatorship ever end?

    I read in the news last night that Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, has finally agreed to step down from being in charge of her conservatorship. He temporarily stepped down last year due to illness and not long after he received a restraining order on Britney’s two sons’ after attacking them...
  13. Ukpoohbear

    Does Geronimo have TB?

    It has recently come to my attention about the plight of Geronimo the alpaca who has been sentenced to death after having tested positive twice for tuberculosis. His owner is convinced he does not have it. She says the tests are unreliable because as part of the process, Geronimo was injected...
  14. Ukpoohbear

    Should I go to hospital?

    I thought this would make an interesting horary but I am also genuinely confused about whether or not I should go to the hospital. I broke my finger. I don’t know whether it’s silly to bother a doctor for a broken finger or not. But the chart confirms I do end up seeking treatment. It’s...
  15. Ukpoohbear

    When will I be in a committed relationship?

    I am emphasizing the word ‘committed’ because it is what I am looking for. When will I be in a committed relationship? So the potential for a committed relationship is with Mercury and I know that Mercury and Jupiter do trine although it doesn’t show it in the chart, can anyone tell me in...
  16. Ukpoohbear

    Is there a chance for me and N-D to be together?

    I recently posted a horary about a different man and it did not work out. I was very upset. I was very lucky to then meet a new man a couple of weeks later through my neighbour and it was the type of instant attraction that we ended up in bed together the second time we met. To help you...
  17. Ukpoohbear

    What type of man is he?

    I have recently met this man and things are going really well so far even though it is early days and last night I got his permission and birth details for the first time and now I would like to know what type of man is he. We have been talking since December but only had our first date on...
  18. Ukpoohbear

    Is there a chance for me and Richard?

    I asked this horary last week and I have been thinking about it. Now I am wondering for insights and I will share mine. I am Venus and he is Mars. It’s good he is in Taurus, he likes me. But then Uranus is in his house which is sudden separation, although it is a trine to Uranus, so it may...
  19. Ukpoohbear

    The Ethical and Intuitively Practical use of Magic

    I will heal Britney by healing myself. According to the Inner Guide Meditation, you will fit an archetype and other people in your life fit an archetype. By helping yourself, you heal the other archetypes the same as you. By healing another subconscious archetype within yourself, you heal the...
  20. Ukpoohbear

    Will I get sacked from my job?

    The question was 'will I get sacked from my job?' I am Moon and the job is 10th house Jupiter. The job is in the house of open enemies and in fall of the Moon, this does not look good. Jupiter is applying to conjunct Saturn. My job is working from home for a company who has different clients...