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    Help! My scorpio moon conj. my Pluto in scorpio

    Please tell me what do you think about our synastry. What kind of potential we have? I am so absolutely into him!
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    Narcissist with borderline tendencies and drug user

    I am curious what does chart says about this person to whom I have been emotionally connected He has been a drug user for 15+ years but was never really trypical one because he is very educated and had family support He also was in jail because of having illegal business Like I said, he...
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    Difficult childhood and hard life. Please help me

    I had very difficult childhood and was never loved by my parents. Same in my adult life. I have very strong power of imagination and can protect myself from reality by drifting away in my dream world without using any substances. How can I break free from this bad karma and will it ever get...
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    Intersting aspects of chart

    Please read this chart and tell me something more about the interesting aspects you’ve seen :)
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    Career and Finance aspects in my chart

    First of all, I would like to thank anyone who will read and answer on my thread. I am really curious when it comes to astrology. I have read a lot and researched. I have consulted a professional astrologist and would do it again if I found someone who is competent. Until when I would like...