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    What should i do ? mother daughter relationship

    Hi everbody, This is a situation im trying to supress but my mother's controlling behavior really has become unbearable. I love her, as she always reminds, she did a lot for me. But my psychology affected badly. She doesnt understand emotionally. She sees me as a possession, wants to take...
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    Why is he doing that?

    Hi, He is entering a chat site , i dont understand why he is doing that :( does he really want to talk to other girls or doing that to make me jealous ? Thats my question. Can we understand from the chart ? Im so bad now :( we have a good communication why he is doing that i dont understand :(...
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    Will he try to fix this situation ?

    Hi, He had stopped communicating then he came back, everything has been good, but i caught him talking to another girl :( we are living in different countries, so meeting not easy. I think he is taking distance as a problem. Im hurt we argued a little bit :( Do you think will he try to fix...
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    Will we be able to meet?

    Hi everybody, My question; will we meet this summer ? We are living in different countries, he said he wants to meet too. But we both have some problems in our personal lives. Do you think will we be able to meet this summer ? This question is very important to me. If you share your opinion...
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    Is he talking flirting with others ?

    Hi, He said to me he is being busy because of work. I believe him but i still suspect. What do you think according to the chart is he chatting with other women ? Im again in 12th house, he is mars. He is self centered yes, i am in taurus my other significator is moon in scorpio. Do you think...
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    Should i give up waiting?

    Hi, Sorry, again me on the same topic but im suffering terribly. We were talking over four months, he suddenly stopped communicating and didnt respond to my text. Sure there is third party. Do yu think will he come back or should i give up waiting ? I asked the question as; should i give up on...
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    What will happen with the third party ?

    Hi, Everything was good, suddenly he changed and stopped communicating. I thought maybe he is doing this third party situation to make me jealous but no this is something serious :( i dont know if the person someone from his past or he met new i dont know. Third party is venus i think cause it...
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    will he come back to me ?

    Will he contact or call me ? I cant understand how he became such ignorant, more than anything we were valuing each other as a person. Im in pain. :( What do you think ? any chance of him messaging according to the chart ? Any idea appreciated so much.
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    Is he talking to other girls ?

    I wonder if he is talking to someone else beside me. Im venus and he is mars mutual reception. I dont understand why im in 12th house. In the previous horary im in 12th house too. Maybe there are things that i am unaware of. sun on the asc seperating from mars his signigicator and his...
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    moon transits

    While moon in transiting in sagittarius i feel better, im normally anxious but during moon in sag i feel cheerful more optimistic Does this happen to you too? Is this a general effect ?
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    Is he serious with me ?

    Hi everybody, good day! :) We are talking, flirting; we are somewhere between friendship and lover. We are from different countries. I know he values me but i dont know how serious he is with me. What do you think ? I appreciate all answers so much, i will be happy if you share your opinion...
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    Does my biological father know ?

    Hi everybody, good day! My question is, Does my biological father know that i exist ? I mean maybe he doesn't even know my existence. I dont search for my biological family anymore, just wondering. I wonder what you think according to the chart. I'm mars. late degree asc. ( i thought a lot of...
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    will he marry me ?

    Hi everybody, Our connection is new. We are getting to know each other. We are from different countries, that's not a problem for me but i dont know what he thinks. I wonder if there is potential of him proposing to me. My significator saturn, his sun. What is interesting, there is a good...
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    will i be able to make it career for myself ?

    Hi everybody, My question, Will i be able to make Acting as a career? Is there potential? I am at a phase i need to decide and lead myself in life. I have good acting talent. Do you think is there potential to make it a career for myself looking at this chart? Any guidance appreciated so much...
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    what should i do ?

    Hi everybody, Good day! What should i do ? should i wait or move on ? This person gives me hope but doesnt make a move to start something i mean relationship. This goes on like this months and months Online friendship. There is distance. I suspect he is seeing other women there but cant be...
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    what should i do ?

    Hi, My question, should i wait or move on ? Can we ask an advice question i don't know but i wanted to try. This person makes me think he is interested in me and makes me wait for a long long time; but doesnt make a move. This situation has begun to affect me badly, I really like him; but I...
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    Is he living with a partner?

    Hi everybody, good day! My question, is he living with a partner ? We are at a distance and he keeps me waiting at the friendship level, he seems interested but doesn't take it to the next level. :( I've begun to suspect if he is living with a woman. I don't mean family members you know what...
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    is he with her right now ?

    Hi, everybody I am terribly suffering. I realised my love interest with that girl at the same place which is distant to both. I realised it on social media. There is a work connection between them but they are primarily friends. but i suspect it is more than friendship. I don't want to be a...
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    will he come back ?

    Hi everybody, This question is asked by my friend, she herself asked. I post for her. First house her and 7th is her ex then. They got engaged, but suddenly her fiance changed his mind and left her. :( She is suffering a lot. :( second time he left her :( she still hopes for him to come back...
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    will he make a move ?

    Hi all, I don't think he will make a move :( but i asked the question. You know there is that hope within. We are not in a relationship, we are just acquintances. He seems interested though. but he keeps adding other girls, this makes me sad. :( What do you think ? is there any potential ...