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    Can a Aries mercury-mars-venus be a gentleman?

    Can anyone tells me what this chart indicates about this Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon? What are his characteristics?
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    Can anyone read this chart?

    Can anyone tell me what this chart says/indicates about his personality?
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    Cancer Sun Mercury mars vs Cancer Sun Mercury Venus

    Can you guys describe Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon males with this placements: Sun:Cancer Moon:Scorpio Mercury:Cancer Venus:Cancer Mars:Leo Jupiter:Aries Sun:Cancer Moon:Scorpio Mercury:Cancer Venus:Taurus Mars:Cancer Jupiter:Aqua I'm very curious as the cancer mercury with cancer...
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    What's a Aries sun with a lot of water like?

    How do you describe someone with those placements? Aries Sun Venus Cancer Moon Mars Pisces Mercury Scorpio rising
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    Mars in the 7th and Mars in the 8th questions

    I'm curious what's sexuality and relationships and approach to love of this placements. is true both can indicates a stormy or unstable love life? how those placements affects the personality? which are the differences and similaries of those placements? is true both makes easily angered...
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    Synastry: Venus, Moon conjunct Pluto

    What does means in one synastry when: -Man's Pluto conjunct Woman's Moon -Man's Pluto opposite Woman's Venus -Man's Venus conjunct Woman's Pluto what those aspects in one synastry says about the couple and their relationship and feelings?
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    Synastry: Venus-Mars vs Venus-Pluto

    What means in synastries of one woman with past boyfriends always having her venus trine or conjunct his pluto or her pluto trine/conjunct his venus but her venus never makes contacts with their mars? What that says about this woman? and her relationships? the feeling of love and passion in...
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    can anyone interpret this birth chart?

    your thoughts about this chart ... tell me everything what you see here... what this chart indicates about her personality traits?
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    Leo Sun Scorpio rising Aries moon vs Cancer Sun Scorpio rising Leo Moon

    Those combos make similar personalities? Or are very different?
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    Thoughts about this Descendent Persona chart?

    According to this Descendant Persona chart that sort of man is ideal to me? This chart indicates which sun-rising-moon are ideal to me? it shows that sort of man is attracted to me?
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    Thoughts on this Solar Arc chart

    Thoughts on this Solar Arc chart? what shows related to marriage and children? can you tell me anything you see here?
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    can anyone interpret this solar return chat?

    Tell me what you see here PLEASE. Shows anything related to marriage and children?
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    can anyone interpret this solar return chat?

    Please can anyone interpret this solar return chart? what you see here? can anyone describe what's shown here?
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    Aquarius Sun Libra Moon but what's the rising?

    I'm curious about a Aquarius Sun Libra Moon person... i wonder if her rising is virgo, libra, cancer or taurus? anyone here can tell me what's like that sun-moon combo with (any of) those risings? thanks
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    what's the personality of this very Leo guy like

    Anyone can describe me the personality that this chart indicates? what are the strengths and weaknesses this chart shows? what calls attention?
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    What are the characteritics of Leo Sun with this placements

    Please tell me what this placements indicate about this Leo guy: Leo Sun (10th house) and Mercury (9th house) Virgo Venus (10th house) Gemini Mars (8th house) Sagittarius Jupiter (2nd house) Aries Moon (6th house) Scorpio Rising
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    could anyone interpret my chart (including the asteroids)?

    tell me all what you see here... strengths and weaknesses... what type of man is ideal to me? which sun-rising-moon combo is ideal to me? do you think i'll work out well with pisces sun scorpio/aries/virgo moon? or cancer sun libra rising scorpio moon? what this chart(asteroids/placements...
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    Pisces sun Scorpio moon - different risings

    I'd like know as gemini and libra risings affect this combo? those (or any of) risings makes this combo less possessive and moody?
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    Aries men with Pisces placements vs with Cancer placements - characteristics

    what are their characteristics and differences? Aries Sun Venus Cancer Moon Rising Mars Pisces Mercury vs Aries Sun Venus Pisces Moon Rising Mercury Cancer Mars
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    Venus opposite Pluto composite

    what means this aspect? i just find the description of Venus square Pluto...