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    Will I move out in 3 months?

    Will i move out from my home in 3 months?
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    Double transits, need help with interpretation. Saturn conj. Uranus, uranus conj. Sat

    My upcoming transits are making me wonder. Transit saturn in 4th house conjunct natal uranus. At this position, Saturn will also square my natal mars in 1st house and opposite my sun and moon in 10th house. Doesn't sound like great time!? Transit uranus in 7th house will conjunct my natal...
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    Saturn and pluto in 12th, many planets in 7th house?

    Hello everyone. There is so much confusion to me in this solar return. Pluto and Saturn in 12th house, multiple planets in the 7th house, Neptune and Jupiter in the 1st house, I'm lost. In my last year solar return it was much more easier to me to read it but this one is difficult to me.
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    Is my chart difficult?

    What do you think about my chart