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    Pluto transit on my natal Vertex

    Helo, I would be happy to hear about yours experiences from this transit - Pluto transit on natal Vertex. A lot of thanks :-)
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    New year for Scorpion... SR

    Hey friends, Last year I did not really realize the ambitions and potential of my S.R chart ... On March 2020 I was fired because of the corona. From then until today (a year and a half) I sat with my baby at home ... And I wonder if the new year will bring me any progress in terms of career...
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    Interview for cyber, 6 or 8 house?

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    Hello everyone, I have chiron in 10th house and I'm feel stuck in my career... Why I'm stuck In casual jobs of teenagers ..? Why am I not able to advance in my career? Why am I not able to earn and a living in a dignified and satisfactory way? IS it will be like this for all over my life...
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    Hello, Please Insights (after the corona)

    Hello friends, When the corona started I and my crew were fired. Since then I have been unemployed at home for a year and a half. Monday I will have a job interview. After so much time without a job interviews I am a little stressed and untrained. I have here an event chart of the moment of the...
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    My Uranus

    hey, i want to learn more about this aspects. could you help me? I have : Uranus ruler 6th house Uranus conj Moon Uranus quintile Mars Uranus semisquare Mercury a lot of thanks :-) [please upload a chart to the Forum or upload a chart to a link site and provide the link - Moderator]
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    hey, i want to learn more about this aspects. could you help me? I have : Uranus ruler 6th house Uranus conj Moon Uranus quintile Mars Uranus semisquare Mercury a lot of thanks :-)
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    Please help. path career

    Hello everyone, I would be happy to know what do you think about my path career? I am 34 years old soon, but I have never worked a good job. One that has a good salary, social conditions, promotion options ... I have always been in casual jobs such as a waiter etc ... and I really got tired...
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    The wild side of sex

    Hi dear forum members, this is a synestry chart of my and a guy. We met 3.5 years ago. It was a short, secret relationship with no precise definition. But despite this there was openness and honesty between us and sharing of personal things and mutual respect and a pleasant and authentic...
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    Please someone can help me to read-SR

    Hello everyone, Please can someone give me some output cocerning my solar return chart? Last year was a lot of death around me... And bad time for me in love, career, financial... And I would love to know what to expect from this year? Thank you dears
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    Please help. It's very urgent. Mortgage.

    Hello everyone, Tomorrow at 10.45 am we are signing a mortgage from the bank for the first time in our lives. Attached an event chart for this moment. Is it a good for us? What small letters to pot our attention in the contract? Take a look at the map tips on what to do to get through...
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    Solar return reading?

    Hello everyone, What do you think about this aspects : 1. Solar return Venus conj natal Venus? 2. Solar return Chiron conj natal N.N? 3. Solar return Asc conj natal Chiron? 4. S.r moon conj s.r Mars? 5. Solar return Vertex in Scorpio (my sun sign) in 5th house? Thx alot for everyone :-)
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    Solar return ASC conj natal Chiron

    hello everybody, what do you know about this aspect - Solar return ASC conj natal Chiron (2°). a lot of thanks :-)
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    any advice and insight please? I'm very frustrated, depressed

    Hello everyone, I'm 32 years old. I haven't an academic degree. I have no profession. I have no work and livelihood. I'm very frustrated, depressed and it makes me sick. I feel that I have abilities and potential, but I do not know how to use them correctly and leverage them high. I wonder why...
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    social life :-/

    Hello everyone, I would be grateful for insights about my social life ... Many thanks and appreciation.
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    Mars quintile (72°) Uranus

    Hello everyone, Can you tell me / share with me information about this aspect? Mars quintile Uranus? Thx a lot.
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    Birth of a child - solar return chart

    Hello everyone :-) I would be happy to hear your opinion... On a solar return chart of husband and wife - Can these things indicate pregnancy and childbirth? Housband solar : ace - leo 5th house - Moon 12th house - empty but in cancer. Wife solar : ace - piscces with Neptune in 1th house 5th...
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    General questions about relationships charts :-)

    Hi, everyone, I'd be happy to know - 1. How do you make a first meeting chart? * Date, time, place of meeting only? * Or composite with details of a person 1 + Details of a person 2 + Event details? 2. If in the synstry many personal stars (Sun, Pluto, Mercury and Venus) fall in Scorpio at...
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    Sun at 8th house - Solar Return. please HELP :-\

    Hello everyone, Soon I will have my 31st birthday, and this is my Solar Return chart. What to expect / What can bring with her a year with – Sun conj Venus (in retrograde) at 8th house? opposite Uranus at 2th house? (On my Transit chart – Uranus towards the end of House 8 opposite the...
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    What does he want from me? please help :-/

    Hello everyone :-) Me and the guy met each other a year and a half ago. The initial eye encounter was completely coincidental in a public place, but at the time of the void moon. Then we set a proper first date n-o-t on a void moon.. It was a kind of strange connection and no definition...