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    Career Trauma and paying for automated horary...😅

    Hi all , in a moment of madness I purchased an automated horary reading I would be so grateful if a few of you could look it over instead as I’m not sure I trust the result given ! Happy to share that answer with you also for comparison. I asked if my career would pick up (I work in media )...
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    Will I find position that is more suited to my true self this year?

    So firstly thanks to all who have helped me on this horary journey so far ;Dirius Sunrise and Amie so kind and much appreciated. So here is my next attempt. :tongue: Question: Will I find position that is more suited to my true self this year? Me= Mercury Co Sig= Moon The Career= Saturn...
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    How will the relationship come about?

    Hey all, hope everyone is I posted this in an old thread haven't yet had a response to this one but after having another go today I am still struggling a bit so wonder if anyone is up for lending a hand to get to the bottom of it. It is not a huge pressing issue it just would really...
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    VOC Moon and reading a chart.

    Hey guys, So with so many differing opinions on a void of course moon online, I wondered what the more experienced chart readers among you thought/had experienced? Just did a relationship chart with a VOC moon in its detriment in scorpio, So a really debillitated 'engine' co sig! Significators...
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    How is my interpretation coming on? Property horary!

    So I am learning as I go along here from all your posts and comments so thanks all! I posted a chart about a previous flat which didn't pan out this is the second option but it is an unsold auction property so nervewracking! (Background info: the offer is accepted but we are not legally tied...
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    Help with interpreting a friends chart.

    Hey all, So my friend has cast this chart. She wants to know if anything romantic will happen between her and a guy she likes. Even though I am trying:unsure:to read it she is the one that cast so she is represented by first house right? So here is what I have so far. Corrections welcome and I...
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    Should we buy the investment flat? Property horary.

    Hey all, :) This is my attempt at working out this question. I'd really like opinions on where I am going right or wrong if anyone doesn't mind 'Should we buy the flat we saw last week as an investment' So ruler of the first house is The Sun (In Aquarius) - Maybe related to the fact this is...
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    Beginner Baffled by Leo-Sun Querant re Relationship issue.

    Hey all, Thank's in advance for any assistance. It is only my second time trying horary so bear with me :) I have attached the chart. It is basically a clear cut will this relationship happen and how will it be question. So I am confused because I have read the Sun represents the guy...
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    Help with applying separating?

    How relevant is applying and separating aspects in horary? and how can I tell if they are applying or separating? I recently cast about a job. Ie will i get this specific job at a specific company in 2013. I have attached the screengrab. I have been researching it all today and am finding...
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    Will I get the specific job I want at the company I want next year?

    So I think I have got the chart right this time! Please let me know if I have made any rookie errors! Background is, I have a goal to achieve a specific role next year. I am making strides towards it but this goal is a biggie and not the easiest to achieve. Will I get the job I am aiming for...
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    First try at horary! Guidance much appreciated!

    First try at horary! Hello all! I am very new to the site
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    First try at horary! Guidance much appreciated!

    Hello all! I am very new to the site and am really interested in learning about horary astrology and more about astrology in general. So I asked about if I will get a work contract of a similar standard in 2013 to the one I have just finished. I noticed I have sun quincunx the MC? Does this...
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    Astrologer told me I would lose financial income when I'm 41?

    Hi all any ones insight is much appreciated an Astrologer told me I would lose financial income when I'm 41? Could anyone give me any insight into why and how this was worked out? Many Thanks.
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    Difficult year interested in insights!

    Hello all,
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    Hi all, New here and keen to learn more about astrology and my own chart/challenges from you wise lot!