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    What is his career and destiny?

    He has kite and grand trines in his chart. People with grand trines in their chart are considered by astrologers to have most of their emotional, mental, physical, and familial needs met early in life and as a result expect that this provision of resources, acquired without any effort on their...
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    Regulus, ALgol, Aldebaran,Antares, Mira

    Regulus, ALgol, Aldebaran,Antares Can u guys help me interpretate these fixed stars in the chart? Thanks a lot!
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    I want to know about my career!

    I am a lazy guy. I have no idea what my destiny is. Please help me! [person did not give any astrological interpretation so moved to Greenhorns Lounge - Moderator]
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    Is he a great leader?

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    Hi, everyone!

    im new . Nice to meet u guys