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    Drik Bala Question

    Hello fellow astrologers; I have a question relating to Drik Bala. From what I understand (correct me if I am wrong), Drik Bala shows which planets are being affected by malefic and benefic planets. A positive score shows the planet is affected by more benefics and can give positive results...
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    D1 and D60 the same?

    I recently saw two charts with two different people who have known each other for years - and whom are best friends. One person's D1 chart is very similar to the other persons D60. They also have insane synastry through the D1 to D9 chart, as both their Mercury and Moon are vargottama in the...
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    What will happen when Saturn goes into my 8th house?

    I have a Taurus ascendant in Mrigashira pada 1 My ascendant lord Venus goes into my 4th house in Uttara Phalguni and conjuncts my Mercury in Purva Phalguni. I am currently in a Mercury/Venus dasha (with a Jupiter pryantardasha coming up in March 2018. My natal Jupiter is in Aardra in my 2nd...
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    How do the degrees in conjunctions work?

    Let's say you have a stellium of planets in one sign all with different degrees. Does the order of the planets in the sign make a difference? I've heard that Jupiter being before Venus in a conjunction would make the person take pleasure in learning knowledge - but if Venus is before Jupiter...
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    How do you calculate navamsa ascendant degrees?

    I was reading on Barbara Pijan's website that the nakshatra of your navamsa ascendant says a lot about the personality of your future spouse. How do you calculate the navamsa ascendant degrees? Is it the same degrees as your d1?
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    When can I move to foreign lands?

    I just recently posted that my family is driving me nuts. I had been considering moving for a while, but initially I just wanted to move somewhere within my own city. Now I want to move far, far away. When will moving happen for me? I greatly appreciate any advice given :) August 10th, 1989...
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    Is my mother an enemy according to my chart?

    My mother and younger sister always seem to be making my life harder than it needs to be. I've made some big changes in my life, and I'm not sure whether or not I should tell my mother, in fear that she could actually be a secret enemy. If anyone could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it...
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    Help with transit interpretation

    I am a Taurus ascendant. Rahu and Jupiter are both transiting on my ascendant lord Venus 26 deg Leo (my Mars, Mercury and Ketu are all in Leo, too). Saturn is also aspecting my Venus from Scorpio in transit. Sun goes into the 3rd house in Cancer, and Venus is in nakshatra ruled by Sun. From...
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    Synastry through Arudha Lagna

    Has anyone tried synastry through the Arudha Lagna?
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    Arudha Lagna

    How do you calculate the ascendant degrees of the Arudha Lagna? Is it the same as the original ascendant degrees? Or is it the planet who is the arudha degrees?
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    Bhrigu Bindu?

    I'm new to the concept of Bhrigu Bindu. From what I understand, it is the mid-point between Rahu and the Moon? How do planets in transit react when they hit this point? My bhrigu bindu point is in the 2nd house, with the lord of the 2nd in the 4th. Can anyone shed some light on this placement...
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    Help with career

    I am in need of guidance for my career. I have the hardest time reading my own chart. My chart goes as follows: My 10th house lord goes into the 8th, which has made my career very turbulent. What career is best suited for my chart? I am currently in a Mercury/Ketu dasha, and the 3rd part of...