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    this person just woke me up

    wow thank you for your comments! The second person is male, I am female.
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    this person just woke me up

    Thank you for your comment. How are the marses in mutual reception?
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    this person just woke me up

    This person just woke me up in my life. I was going through very difficult times and they just jolted me out of inertness. What do you see in this synastry? I do not have their ascendant. I am curious about the venus in 11th house opposing the venus/lilith/mars in 5th house on the north node. I...
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    north node in taurus conjunct descendant

    I have noticed I have a bit of a peculiar position of the north node. It is right on my descendant in taurus. I have noticed even with the south node on my ascendant it is more meaningful than originally thought. Some people say that south node conjunct ascendant makes someone a bit "unpopular"...
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    actually the venus/mars/lilith "stellium" in aries of person 1 trines the sun of person 2, sextiles the mars of person 2 and squares the venus of person 2 (with a little wider orbs). Venus of person 1 trines mercury of person 2 at 8 degrees.
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    scorpio rising

    If someone has a scorpio ascendant, therefore a taurus descendant and they date a taurus sun sign. How would this be compatible; wouldn't the scorpio rising not get along with the taurus as scorpios and tauruses normally do not get along at all (in my experience)?
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    composite part of fortune conjunct descendant

    Hello, would anyone know how to interpret composite part of fortune conjunct descendant (in 6th house)?
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    its like I kept thinking that I wanted stronger feelings from them but felt like there were none from their end no matter how strong the pull seemed to be. The moon in 7th house seemed to have a very deep impact on me (profile 1).
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    Domestic Violence aspects in Synastry.

    my mars opposes most of the people my age up to 7 years older... I intuitively sense it very strongly when I meet people and get scared to get involved. now I wonder if I just test the relationship maybe it would not be dangerous.
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    What do you think of this synastry? I know the overlays and aspects but I do not know more how to interpret the chart as a whole. Also the second person, I am not sure of the ascendant but I would bet it is Taurus. With such a synastry would one partner see the other as just friends while the...
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    Ascendant and Appearance - do they match up?

    I am a pisces with scorpio rising and saturn 10 degrees of the ascendant. I definitely believe they do match up. I have pitch black hair and very dark eyes. I'm short and have all attributes of a scorpio rising (mysterious, not easily approachable etc). I am also quite constricted/restricted...
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    mars opposite pluto

    What about someone with mars opposite pluto in their charts. Would they then get into serious conflict with everyone in their generation? Everyone's natal pluto would be opposite the person's natal mars. Would that suggest volatility in their relationships due to a mars/pluto opposition?
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    any career indications in my chart?

    Would a venus and mars conjunction in 5th house conflict with a virgo midheaven? wouldn't I just get bored at work?
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    synastry chart

    more details: Actually vertex is at 0 degrees cancer for profile 1 (meaning it would be in conjunction of 5 degrees to second persons' mars). another worrying aspect: pluto of profile 1 forms 4 degree opposition to lilith of profile 2. also, profile 1 makes a mars opposition of 8 degrees to...
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    synastry chart

    How would you analyze this relationship? How do you start the analysis? In this case I notice the aspects are pretty bad but the house overlays are pretty good. The ascendant in cancer in the second person is not confirmed but it's a guess. Due to the overlays I would qualify it as definitely a...
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    compatible descendants

    it seems to be it would be common sense that it is a good thing in relationships to have compatible descendants. is this true? what if two people have incompatible descendants like libra and taurus? would this be enough to create a clash the relationship?
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    Chiron in gemini in 7th house

    What to you think of chiron in gemini in the 7th house placement? Would this cause difficult communication in relationships, big misunderstandings and difficulty being heard?
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    Chiron in leo in 3rd house

    How would one interpret the position of chiron in leo on the cusp of 3rd house?
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    Progressed sun conjunct lilith

    Hello, How would you interpret a Progressed sun conjunct natal lilith (in aries in 5th house)? Thank you
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    Hi, my mars is in opposition to the pluto (generational planet) of my generation. WIth most people i know, my mars is opposite their pluto.