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    pluto trine pluto

    are there anyone knowing what pluto trine pluto transit on a natal chart is and does? i couldn't find anywhere to check it out- is that call anything else..i checked astrology weekly and others, couldn't find..thanx. [Moderator edit - Thread moved here, as threads posted outside the...
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    moon trine pluto

    hi all; moon trine pluto as a composite in relationship is quite powerful; i was wondering if this is enough to bind 2 people together, if not how many positive composite aspects are needed to make the relationship outcome work, as synastries arent enough and are only temporary when the...
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    will i ever find a soul mate

    hello all; i was wondering if there will be a soul mate for me any soon- i am told from my natal chart that lots of the relationships will turn off quite suddenly- and that s what happened- with venus in scorpio especially: (a difficult one) i need to know the meaning of my natal chart regarding...
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    what can i expect- is he still interested? did he ever feel the way he said about us?

    hello quit new in here- i love astrology; however i find it confusing at times and need some clarity especially with this relationship- she: 30/12 1954 born at 17.20- paris (france ) and him 20/09/1985 born in Lecce italy at 7.30 we have lots of age difference and i was wondering what can i...
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    hi all, i am new in here; i have this question: do transits affect everyone as transits the way they are or are they to be interpreted as progressions or transits on natal chart? it s quite confusing say if the venus retrograde transist affect us by mean of our natal chart and/or progressons-...