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    Will I get the internship?

    I would have to reach out to the hiring manger for this. It's quite a nice internship at a merchant bank. Moon sextiles L10 venus with perfect reception, and then moves to square me - Sun (the aspect does perfect, I checked) Seems like a yes, but with difficulty Also me being peregine...
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    Should I end my relationships with this friend group?

    A bit of a long story, but I have been having some feelings gnawing at my about some of my friends. The thought of cutting relationships with them has been on my mind for some time now, but I am not sure. Cancer ASC, in Venus hour. Radical depending on triplicity system used. Moon (L1) in...
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    KNOWN ANSWER HORARY: Did I do well on the exam?

    Just received another one of my exams back. I had cast this chart upon turning it in, to determine if I had gotten a good grade. I am curious as to how you guys interpert this. Will reveal the answer after a few people have replied.
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    Should I redo the exam?

    So I received an exam grade today, it's not a bad one by any means but I do think I could do better. I casted a horary chart for this: Chart is radical - Mars hour, Mars rules water Triplicity I Jupiter, in domicile - but in the 12th. Not sure how to interpret this. Perhaps being in the...
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    Should I break or contiune the relationship?

    Hello, This question is concerning a relationship between me and two other people, purely friendship no romance whatsoever. There have been some things I am considering, and I am wondering if it would be worth it to carry on the friendship or not. I will include my interpretation later...
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    Will my father's contact become my mentor?

    This is something I am particularly curious about - as it would present a great opportunity for me but it's out of the scope of my current horary skills to properly judge this.
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    Would a career in a government bank be prosperous for me?

    This is one of the possible career paths I was considering - being an economist at a governmental bank, and I got quite an interesting chart: L1 is strong - angular, triplicity+domicile (while it is RX, because Saturn is a slow planet I don't view it as necessarily a negative - Saturn...
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    Will I ever own an apartment in Trump Tower New York?

    While this might seem a bit of a silly question, it is a particular desire that I have. I am choosing to treat it as an 11th house matter, as I am not near the financial situation to be able to purchase 2.5-3m dollar apartments in New York. So, the signifactor will be: Jupiter as L11, L1...
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    question about wife/marriage

    Hello, I have a few questions about my D9 chart: I notice Rahu/Ketu on the 1/7 axis, what is the outcome of this? Also, Mercury is with Ketu and exalted, is this good? I also see exchange of 2nd house lord and 10th house lord (Jupiter/Mars), is this good for me or my wife? I am male so I...
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    If I take this graduate level maths course, will I be able to do well?

    The question is in the title, chart is below I am currently an undergraduate student, so a graduate level course would be "above my paygrade" so to speak. For the significators: Lord 9th for the course and the exam (Saturn), Lord 1 (Mercury) for me and the Moon as cosignificator. I...
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    Will this person I asked assist me in getting an internship?

    Hello, I was hoping for some interpretations of this chart:
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    Conjunction of Arabic lots (?)

    In my chart: I have the Lots of Nemesis, Victory, Fortune all conjunct (can lots even be considered conjunct?) in Sag, along with Mars. Mars is also the ruler of the Lot of Spirit, which is in Scorpio, 6th house. The Lot of Exaltation is on the 7th house in Gemini (not conjunct...
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    Career/Wealth Advice

    Hello, What kind of career would be best for me? I am currently aiming towards something in banking or perhaps consulting. Will I be able to reach high level in career (possibly c suite?) Are they any indicators of wealth at all in my chart?
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    What do you see in my d10 chart?

    Hello, I have recently started looking into Vedic astrology. I would like know what the d10 chart says about my career result
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    Difficult in finding relationships

    Hello, I was wondering if in my chart pointed to having difficulties finding friends/romantic relationships. Prehaps something to do with apperance? Could the venus rx in detriment have something to do with it? Fixed star conjunctions: Sirus Conjunct NN Antares conjunct mars+pof...
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    lot of fame

    How would one go about interpreting the lot of fame?
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    What can I expect from Rahu

    Hello, My Rahu masadasha starts tomorrow. I am curious about what will happen/what I can expect.
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    Hello, I am a new account. I recently discovered astrology and I am interested in learning about it. I am a Pisces Sun, Taurus Asc and Virgo Moon.
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    Thoughts about my tradtional chart

    Hello, I am seeking interpretations of my traditional birth chart, espically with regards to fame and career, and what challenges I will face.