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    Cousin job and career

    Bro can you look to my cousin sister chart and tell me how to improve their financial condition Husband chart 02/02/1984 Raibandar Goa India Time unknown mostly in early morning 15:30N 73:50E Sister chart 21/11/1991 Time 12:30 pm ( afternoon) Place cuncolim Goa india 15:10N 73:58E Any chance...
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    Currently she is working in anganvadi semi government as a teacher but want to change job due to work load .Husband is no more in this world. She have two children she is my neighbour please help her 19 June 1981 3:52 pm Haliyal Karnataka India Coordinates 15:19 N 74:45 E What type of job...
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    Missing person please help

    Hello my friend brother is missing from 24 years whether he is safe and will and will return to home please reply if possible tell me which direction he is now his birth details are as follows 16 July 1975 7:30 am (morning) time may be few min up and down 13:59N 74:33E coordinates Bhatkal...
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    I committed to no fap today soon after that pegeon came on my land what does it symbolize . I read online pegeon is messenger of love is linked with goddess Lakshmi so what does it mean
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    Water and cancer ASCENDENT

    Hello guys can anyone explain me do cancer ASCENDENT drink more water.My family members scold me because I drink too much of water a day almost 10-15 ltr a day
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    Regarding friends marriage

    22october1996 5:30 am Place karwar Karnataka India Coordinates 14:48N 74:7 E Will he have love marriage and when will he marry
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    Mercury in 4 th house

    Hello dear astrologers. Is it true that if you have mercury in 4 th house one of mother relative will have mentally disabled child My mother's sister have a daughter who is autistic.
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    Friends son chart

    6/November/2001 3:40pm Karwar Karnataka India Coordinates 14:49 N. 74:8 E He is in bad company he is driving very fast on road traffic police always catches him and his father is asked to come to police station also drinks and smokes what can be done for this child His father asked me to ask...
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    Binomo/ stock market

    Hello guys I want to know whether I can succeed in stock market trading. From past few days I am doing trade on demo account of binomo I can make 10000 rs daily on demo account .whether if I try trading on real account will I succeed please check my birth chart and help me 31/Oct 1993...
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    To Dinesh mathur sir

    Post deleted Post deleted
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    Birth time rectification

    Hello dear astrologers I have already done rectification before but some astrologers says that my birth time is inaccurate so please guide me and help me to correct my birth time Male 31/ October 1993 11:10 pm(23:10 night) ( HOSPITAL RECORD TIME )((GEMINI ASCENDENT 29°)) 11:13 PM (23:13...
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    Friends financial condition

    He is doing welding work whether can he earn and save money and earn profit so that his financial condition may improve Thank you in advance for replying to our queries Birth date 9/ January 1975 Time 1:00 am night Place karwar Karnataka India Coordinates 14:48N 74:7 E
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    Urgent! Please help for marriage prediction

    Below are the birth details of my friend he is unmarried gone through many proposal but nothing got finalized nowadays very difficult to get proposal 21/june1977 12:15 pm Karwar karnataka India Coordinates 14:48N 74:7E Does work of plumbing and wiring Father used to work as security gaurd...
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    Job and financial condition

    Male 31/ October 1993 11:13pm(23:13) night) Mapuca Goa India 15:35N 73:48 E Dear astrologers can anyone tell me from when will my financial condition will be better actually I don't have stable job I am currently working with salary less than 5000 rs I am really depressed because of this...
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    Navamsa chart reading

    Male 31/October/1993 11:13pm(23:13night) Mapuca Goa india 15:35N 73:48 E Hello astrologers I just wanted to know what does Venus in 2 nd house and sun in 8 th house in cancer navamsa chart indicate for my birth chart . Can u please explain it. I heard that Venus and sun aspecting each...
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    Will I have happy married life and when will I marry

    Male DOB:31 October 1993 Time:11:13pm(23:13) Place: mapuca Goa india Coordinates :15:35N 73:48E Will I ever be happy when will I marry will my married life be happy
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    To soul9

    Soul9 I have sent u private message please reply
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    Marriage urgent please Male 31/October/1993 Place mapuca goa(15:35N 73:49E)+5:30 Time 11:15 pm (night) I want to know when I will marry and will I have happy married life please do reply Note: BIRTH time is rectified
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    Ketu in 11th house Male 31/10/1993 11:13 pm Place mapuca Coordinates 15:35N 73:81E Guys what fruit does ketu in tarus (11 th house) give aspecting Venus in virgo(3rd house) and saturn in capricorn ( 7 th...
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    Hello I want to know how u guys can predict for every minute time difference i mean for same lagna one or two minutes change how does the prediction change do u read some special books or is it years of practicing astrology?