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  1. CapAquaPis

    My Family Tree

    [This post was created by a Moderator because there was no astrology in the post when it was posted in the astrology Forum] And from page 1 (post 16), I found 3 common surnames/maiden names/family names on the 1890's Dawes and 1900's Final rolls (my aunt on my Mom's side did geneaology as a...
  2. CapAquaPis

    Astrological part of autism

    There is a wide variety of information on the subject of what could contribute to or trigger autism in a certain number of individuals based on astrological data and their natal chart...
  3. CapAquaPis

    ASC+Aries point determines hobbies or interests

    I strongly and longly believed our hobbies and interests are determined by our natal chart. In my natal chart: My ASC/Rising/"Aries point" is 17' Cancer and my natal 0-1' Aries is conjunct MC (9th-10th) at 2-3' range. Or it can be interpreted as a 29' Sagittarius-1' Capricorn in my case (the...
  4. CapAquaPis

    3, 33 and 333 degrees in astrology

    The 3 esoteric degrees of astrology, esp the 33rd (3' Taurus), similarly in 3' Aries said to represent the immaculate conception of Jesus Christ, the son of God in Christianity or is one of the patron saint days of the Virgin Mary along with Dec 12th (Santa Maria de Guadalupe), and 3' Pisces...
  5. CapAquaPis

    college Admission scams The 1% elite or the Rich people, er culture: the ultimate privilege). OK, it's "only" offensive when a poor black woman from the urban ghetto in the Southeast US gets into college "but she didn't deserve it"? But Lori Loughlin is a 19 crimes wine...
  6. CapAquaPis

    Astrological causes of kleptomania

    From genetics to personal upbringing to astrology...what causes a person to be, to do or who they are? Kleptomania or the obsessive constant addictive urge to steal or shoplift can be caused by something more than their personal decision to take an item they hadn't or didn't purchased by paying...
  7. CapAquaPis

    Worst astrological placements, aspects and transits

    I came upon it past midnight (18 mins ago) on a Thu, Mar 3, 2022 concerned about my own course in the previous half of my life (42 years, life span ends at around 84) a month of 2 new moons (Mar 1-2 Pisces vs Mar 30-31 Aries)...
  8. CapAquaPis

    Determining our Identity (ID/pol)

    Identity can it be determined on our natal charts? There are 10 planets plus consideration of Ceres, Chiron and Eris, 12 sun signs and the AC in a given sign, and 12 houses plus the AC itself. There are 13 ways to identify with a particular group of people based on their...
  9. CapAquaPis

    Total Lunar Eclipse in Nov 19, 2021 I wonder anyone is interested in astronomy alike they are with astrology here in the AW forum, cus this is comparable to the Jul 11...
  10. CapAquaPis

    Saturn in Opposition in Aquarius

    Saturn tends to shine brighter when in opposition from the sun, it is the farthest naked eye planet after all, and I wonder what it means in astrology.
  11. CapAquaPis

    Worried About California

    [this was moved from another thead because it was off-topic - Moderator] I'm also worried about the CA governor recall election could impact the US and then the whole world later this year, we're the #1 populated state in the #1 most powerful nation of the now, and we're divided over whether...
  12. CapAquaPis


    Scientists have spent the last few years tracking a curious space rock called 2014 UN271, which is a little too big to be a comet and a little too small to be a planet (a TNO or Trans-Neptunian Object), as it careens through the solar system.
  13. CapAquaPis

    Reforming astrology

    The 3 month astrological zodiac year going by western or tropical standards. 1. The calendar month (always starts on the 1st): January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December. 2. The sun sign (starts and ends on or around the 21st of each...
  14. CapAquaPis

    Progressed suns, moons and planets

    Does anyone understand Progressed Suns, Moons and planets in natal charts? For example, the moon when I was 41 days old predicts my phase of life 41 years later. The moon should well be conjunct my natal True Node in 29' Leo. And...
  15. CapAquaPis

    Meanings of 12th house

    The last house of our own natal charts, the 12th is deep, sometimes dark and has the most stunning or shocking secrets of ourselves. Ruled by Pisces and the planet Neptune, it is symbolic of hospitals and prisons (a morbid house alike the 6th and 8th). And I read a lot about Moon in 12th or...
  16. CapAquaPis

    Degree anatomical correlations

    Each astrological degree in a 360-degree circle is tied to a body part or organ. It appears 25-26' Aquarius sun (my birthday is tomorrow, born in 1980) has a heightened risk of alcoholism or addiction...
  17. CapAquaPis

    What we need to do in 2021 America

    In the new year we're looking forward to (2021), we have work to do to save our lives, our country and the world: from the COVID pandemic we're certain now we can contain to reduction of carbon emissions to curb global warming or climate change, but the thread brings up American and Californian...
  18. CapAquaPis

    Happy Holidays 2020 (my 3000th forum post)

    I made it...In the 3000th forum post club (like in baseball when a player made their 3000th career hit), and I want to lighten up the holidays in a dark year. According to my Mom...and my aunt's genealogical research, I'm related to Bing Crosby because I am the 13th generation descendant of the...
  19. CapAquaPis

    Finding Love in your natal chart

    In our natal charts, we learn about our lives, our fate and our image to others. I believe you can figure out what kind of love you'll have in your life as well. Here's the details of my natal chart, in some systems it starts in 17' degree. 1st House: How does the partner see you (I have a...
  20. CapAquaPis

    Chart ruler

    On your natal chart, the chart ruler is the planet that rules your ascendant sign, like mine is the Moon (Cancer) which happens to conjunct my Aquarius sun (a new moon birth date), I have to say I'm a double Aquarian "moonchild".