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  1. IleneK

    Will he ever talk to me again?

    It doesn't look real favorable to me. Your significators do not aspect in any way; they are five signs apart so are called disjunct. You don't see eye to eye; don't understand each other. His significator, Jupiter, does not feel good towards you, Jupiter receiving you/Merc by detriment. I...
  2. IleneK

    Will I find a job this year?

    I think the trine points to possibility of jobs in the time frame you have in mind. It might be stronger but for two things to consider. First, the reception from job/employer Venus to you Jup in Aries is by detriment. This makes me think that, for example, you may need to really have the...
  3. IleneK

    Will I get this job?

    Yes Mars is in Scorp. My brain said it was Scorp, but my eye said it wasn't...sorry for the error. So what you say about your competitor may be so.
  4. IleneK

    New to Horary; will person and I talk by the end of this year?

    Who is this person? Friend, acquaintance, co-worker, romantic interest? It helps us identiy the house which signifies the one asked about if we know who the person is in relation to you.
  5. IleneK

    How my chart goes with malefics,should i worry for that?

    I don't think you need to worry about them. Strong exalted Mars does give your Moon/your inner feeling life kind of a hard time by squaring the Moon. Moon doesn't like it, isn't too comfortable. But Mars does like your Moon and that gives me confidence that some better balance beween Moon...
  6. IleneK

    Will seminars coaching for social skills help me?

    I think the key may be just practicing what you learn in seminar with actual people. It may not always go as you would like, you may feel awkward or make mistakes. But making mistakes is how we know we are alive, because no one alive lives without making mistakes. Some say the more mistakes...
  7. IleneK

    Relationship in this year

    This looks like a horary chart for the time of OP's question...
  8. IleneK

    Big 3!

    Perhaps you might share a bit about how you have experienced Leo Sun, Libra Moon, Aq rising, just to get the ball rolling...?
  9. IleneK

    Will I get this job?

    This may be a favorable chart for your getting the position with following matters to factor in: First, Moon does not apply to oppose Mars; it is five signs away and so will not oppose Mars until it moves into Sag. And since Venus and Saturn are so very close by degree, you must verify that...
  10. IleneK

    3 Yods that intertwine to form a pentagram star

    Please put up a chart that has the planetary positions shown by degree, either in the chart or in a table included with the chart.
  11. IleneK

    Will he come to reconcile?

    You are welcome and thank you for the feedback.
  12. IleneK

    Will he come to reconcile?

    With your significators, Moon and Saturn, being one sign apart, there is no aspectual relationship between them. This implies that you really can't see each other clearly; don't see eye to eye. Getting back together would be reflected by your significators applying to aspect one another...
  13. IleneK

    did this person kick me and my sister out

    I would expect the two weeks is more likely.
  14. IleneK

    potential for serious long-term relationship?

    Yes and both trines very close by degree. Very favorable.
  15. IleneK

    did this person kick me and my sister out

    Since she is not a friend, I designate her the 7th. She is not happy, comfortable as Mars in its detriment in Taurus and she/Mars does not receive you/Venus well at all. Your significators also separate from an uneasy, blind-siding square., which may point to an unpleasant...
  16. IleneK

    Someone who has hidden depth

    I think there is truth in what you say here about planets aspecting the ascendant. And I would suggest that, depending upon the setting, planets aspecting the MC can also offer a more readily accessible portrait of the native.
  17. IleneK

    Will i get the job?

    hank you for letting us know; it is instructive. We learn that a sextile between significators is opportunity, but not necessarily success. And even Moon's translation of light was not able to overcome the lack of reception between Venus and Saturn. I am sorry this did not come to pass.
  18. IleneK

    Stuck in love

    With Sun ruling your 7th in exact square to Pluto [strong in its dignity and on the MC], I see that relationships will be highly transformative for you, very potent, taking you to the depths, from which you will arise reborn. That does not answer your question about if you are destined to not...
  19. IleneK

    Does she love me?

    You are welcome. And thank you for these further comments. It makes the chart even clearer. She is in a very complex and difficult place with personal health, loss of mother, estrangement from her husband and child, all signified with her as Mars in its fall in Taurus. Your being there...
  20. IleneK

    Does she love me?

    I would also add that sometimes we don't really know how we feel. We tell the truth as we best know it, but sometimes we are not able to allow ourselves to know what is so. Like Tik says, it is complicated.