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  1. Capricorn2616

    Planet in different sign than cusp

    How do I interpret a planet being is a different sign than the cusp of the house. For example, my third house cusp is in Sag, but I have five planets in the third house in Capricorn. How does this affect how the planets function within the house?
  2. Capricorn2616

    Asteroids Reiki + Aura

    I have Reiki and Aura conjunct my sun. Has anyone seen these asteroids with similar placements exhibit any kind of ability? Is it possible that I have healing abilities/could see auras, or would they be combust because of the sun? Thanks ya'll! :biggrin:
  3. Capricorn2616

    Advanced Astrologers

    To the advanced astrologers of this forum, how long did it take you to feel like you could morally interpret charts for other people? Was there a certain event that boosted your confidence, causing you feel like an adept astrologer?
  4. Capricorn2616

    Pallas conjunct Saturn Synastry

    Can anyone offer insight as to what Pallas conjunct Saturn might mean in synastry? Her Pallas conjunct North Node falls directly on my Saturn. And her Saturn falls directly on my Pallas. A few other conjuncts we have .. Her Pluto sitting on my Vesta. My Chiron on her South Node. Her Jupiter...
  5. Capricorn2616

    Amber Heard

    Does anyone know Amber Heard's ascendant? I was thinking Libra or Sag. Her sun sign is Taurus with a Libra moon.
  6. Capricorn2616

    Cancer Moon

    Does anyone else struggle with their cancer moon? Mine is conjunct my midheaven and really clashes with my Capricorn sun and Libra ascendant. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to balance out Cancer's emotions with Capricorn's stoicism and Libra's need to be agreeable. Thanks!
  7. Capricorn2616

    Composite True Node 6th house?

    What would a composite true node in the 6th house in Pisces indicate? Also, the same chart has Nesses and Lillith conjunct the ascendant. What do you guys think that means?
  8. Capricorn2616

    Saturn and Uranus conjunct Sun?

    Saturn and Uranus both conjunct my sun in Capricorn by 2 degrees. They are literally opposite energies. What does this mean?
  9. Capricorn2616

    South node transiting north node

    My north node is currently transiting my south node in Virgo in the 11th house. Does anyone have any thoughts on this placement? I saw a related thread from 2006, but I wanted a more specific perspective if possible. Thanks in advance!
  10. Capricorn2616

    Chart Compatibility

    I saw the previous user post charts to determine the staying power of his relationship and it inspired me to do the same. Not sure if I need to clarify, but we are both females. I would like your unbiased response, so that's the only background information I'll give. Let me know what you think..
  11. Capricorn2616


    Hello everyone ... I wanted to introduce myself with a little background info: Sun : Capricorn 3rd House Ascendant : Libra Moon : Cancer 9th House Mercury : Capricorn 3rd House Venus : Sagitarrius 2nd House Mars: Aries 6th House Jupiter : Taurus 8th House I posted my full natal chart with...
  12. Capricorn2616

    Capricorn Stellium

    Hello! I just joined this site and am relatively new to astrology. I am learning more and more everyday; however I don't really have a community to discuss charts with. I would love to find some like minded people to bounce ideas off of. Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to post any...