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    Reading a chart differntly

    Electricity and magnetism are the same force. However they have an inverse relationship. The same could be said of Time and Space. In Astrology we in interpret the relationships of objects in space. I have recently found that interpreting their time is even more informative. It has required me...
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    Time Markers

    Degrees create a new chart
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    Astrological order of the Tarot

    If you create an astrological order for the Tarot you can workout what you name is in the Tarot. If you order the cards from 1 -78, you can work out the card that is associated with your name. Delano is 5 of pentacles. 0 - 9 Taurus Strachen is Ace of swords. Element of Air.
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    Creating charts from a word or numbers to answer a query.

    The following charts were created from words or numbers. The delineation is after the chart, Spirituality is the counterbalance to our body, personality and all that is tangible. The body is a ship and spirituality is our anchor in the higher realms. You could exhange spirituality with world...
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    New member

    I started studying astrology in 1999. My main focus is prediction. I have been developing a system that turns words and numbers into charts. I started out studying Tarot and Numerology in 1997. I also spent a little time reading Horary.