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  1. Sugarsweet

    The "Great" Conjunction?

    The last conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter took place on May 31st 2000 and will make a return again in late 2020. Other than this conjunction occurring once every 19 years, having this planetary configuration in my natal chart, located in my 12th house, I do struggle to comprehend what is...
  2. Sugarsweet

    Read my chart for physical appearance?

    Can astrology really determine physical appearance? I've always found this really fascinating and would love some examples. I think this will be really interesting. Here's my chart for reference I don't think I look like my ascendant personally lol
  3. Sugarsweet

    What stands out about this chart? ALL INTERPRETATIONS APPRECIATED!!

    does anything stand out in my chart? ALL INTERPRETATIONS APPRECIATED!! Don't hold back. I love shade LOL
  4. Sugarsweet

    The most psychic birth chart i have ever seen

    I just had to share this chart with someone. This is one of the most beautiful charts I have personally seen. The chart owner has consistently, for the eighteen years we've known each other, exhibited these abilities and gifts and has almost never been wrong in their predictions/insights. This...