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    Chinese Astrology Kit & Taoist Astrology

    I've been doing some research on Chinese Astrology as I said in another post and I've decided to purchase some books in order to further my studies. One is the "Chinese Astrology Kit" (I got it mostly because of a tutorial I was taking on astrology) and the other is "Taoist Astrology: A Handbook...
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    Flying Dreams

    Has anyone ever had a flying dream? I had my first experience (remembered, that is) of a flying dream the other night. It wasn't the main theme of the dream, but I remember flying above Tokyo at one point. It was almost like a Super Mario type of experience though lol. So, share your...
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    Chinese Astrology Tutorials

    Does anyone know of any good sites with lessons or tutorials on Chinese astrology? I tried Googling for some, but I couldn't find any good matches. Its much easier to find tutorials on Western Astrology, but its a lot more difficult with Chinese Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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    Square & Opposition

    So, I feel confident with the basics of astrology, except for completely understanding square and opposition aspects. I've been studying them for the past couple days and I've come to the following conclusions (correct me if I'm wrong about them): 1) Square: This aspect produces a lot of...
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    Penn and Teller

    Has anyone seen their show? They're two magicians that try debunking a lot of supernatual type stuff in a comedic way, but they seem to resort to a lot of strawman fallacies by choosing the worst cases. For example, I just saw the December 21, 2012 episode and they seemed to select a lot of the...
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    The Quality of My Life

    So, the other day, I wrote up a Horary Chart with the following question: Will the quality of my life improve within the next 3 months? I used the 5th house ruler to represent my question, and what I found interesting was that my Ascendant and 5th house shared the same ruler (my Ascendant was...
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    Strange Energy-Related Dream

    The other night, I had this strange dream where I was researching this strange energy similar to ki that let people perform supernatural feats. In my research, I remember running into a list of people who had mastered it. Among them were Queen Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare (yeah, strange...
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    Elements & the Four Seasons

    In case some of you didn't know, the 4 elements each correspond with one of the seasons: Fire: Summer Earth: Winter Air: Spring Water: Autumn In my own chart, the influences the elements have on me is as follows, from strongest to weakest: Fire, Air, Water/Earth (both have equal influence)...
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    I'm Not Happy with My Life Right Now

    For almost 4 years now, I've been having difficulty with my life. Before that, things were going great (especially in the Summer of 2005). However, a certain event transpired and changed my outlook on life. Though I've had girls interested in me before, I've never had a girlfriend, and it seems...
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    Some Elusive Aspects

    Hey, all. I'm Brandon and I've been into astrology for a few months. Some things are beginning to click, but there's still a lot more I need to learn. For one thing, there are a couple aspects that I've looked up online, but with no success. I'm not sure if they're important or not, but I'd...