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  1. dolly39

    6 planets Conjunct in Capricorn

    Thank you for replying. I attached another chart. from - Mars 07:36 Capricorn Mercury 26:09 Capricorn Venus 20:55 Capricorn Saturn 20:07 Capricorn This would count as stellium, won't it? I did not find much information on...
  2. dolly39

    6 planets Conjunct in Capricorn

    Thank You very much for replying to my questions, really appreciate it. I haven't found much on internet about 11th house stellium. what are your thoughts on 11th house and its significance in Vedic Astrology. from western point of view, it represents friendships and social activity. so does...
  3. dolly39

    6 planets Conjunct in Capricorn

    I have a Stellium in my birth chart in 11th house Capricorn. Please help me understand this stellium from Vedic Point of view. Asc: Pisces Sun: Aquarius Moon: Leo DOB: 9 Feb 1990 Time: 08:35 AM Place: Nagpur Maharashtra India (21° 8' 47.8788'' N, 79° 5' 19.8960'' E) Mars 07:36 Capricorn...
  4. dolly39

    4 planet conjunction meaning?

    ------------------------------------- What happens when Sun and Rahu are conjunct, will rahu get combust as well? I have Sun 20:06 Aquarius 12th house and Rahu 16:29 Aquarius 12th house
  5. dolly39

    Pluto in the 8th in Scorpio

    I have Pluto in 8th house scorpio too. Have had many ups and downs, emotional outbursts, healing and transformations in my life. (even tried Kundalini meditation for some time. cried a lot. i don't do that anymore. its scary), but at that time in my life i needed that. now i just stick to...
  6. dolly39

    stellium in 11th House

    Meaning of 11th house stellium in Vedic and Western hey guys! Stellium in my birth chart in 11th house Capricorn. I would be glad if someone could shed light on this topic, mainly significance of this house and different interpretations in western and vedic astrology. as both seem to differ -...