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  1. sylph

    Was a mistake made in this school-related decision?

    This is a question that my friend wanted me to do a horary for. So the querent is my friend, and his question is: was a mistake intentionally or unintentionally made by the school? He is asking about a school that didn't accept his son into it for next year (it's a middle school). My friend...
  2. sylph

    Will I be happy with this item if I buy it?

    Item is Jupiter in the 11th, retro, Libra. I am 7th house Mars in Gemini. Doesn't seem like the aspect between them, albeit minor, is a great thing? Neither does Saturn in the 2nd. But Saturn is retro -- does that have any importance? The item is not super expensive, but I don't want to waste...
  3. sylph

    improving health: what should I do?

    I have been trying to figure this out myself, but I can't seem to pinpoint where my feeling of ill health is coming from. It is like my entire body is breaking down, and instead of being full of life + all the typically 'positive' energies, it is the opposite. Things that once functioned...
  4. sylph

    am I seriously ill?

    solved never mind -- figured out what the chart was saying!
  5. sylph

    why are many Rahu/Ketu transits so horrible for me?

    I recently realized that much of the suffering in my life has been spurred by various nodal transits. I am wondering if the prominence of one's nodes in the natal chart can increase their effects in transit. Or, in my case, is it because so many house lords are in the 1st? I'm not saying that...
  6. sylph

    Houses vs. Dignity

    I may be using the wrong words here (i.e., dignified position, malefic house), but I would like to know what to call these two conditions: - Debilitated planet in a dignified position (house-wise) - Exalted planet in a malefic house Basically, what is the 'official' word used to describe each...
  7. sylph

    I can't make sense of the synastry..

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  8. sylph

    Astrological Gem Report

    edit: taking my results out link from the original post:
  9. sylph


    Question: why do I feel like my body is falling apart and as if my health is rapidly declining? Background: I am only 24 and I don't drink, do drugs, etc. I will say that I feel burdened, overwhelmed and overloaded by a huge amount of stress/anxiety and other emotions. I should essentially be...
  10. sylph

    bad for me?

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  11. sylph

    Pitta Dosha Problems

    I am 24/female. Pitta dosha has become out of control for me. It affects me very negatively. If you need my birth details, I can PM them! But here is my chart. Is there anything you can tell me?
  12. sylph

    Coping with Neptune

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