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  1. theV

    Should I stay or leave?

    I have been working in Russia for almost a year now, but due to covid19, I have been stuck and there are no ways to getting back to my country. My visa is expiring soon and I need to know whether I should renew my contract or leave the country?
  2. theV

    Will she send me the letter of invitation?

    I am waiting for a foreign correspondance in order to submit my visa and go work abroad. I have signed my contrat but I've been waiting for almost one month for this letter to come in. Will I recieve or will she send it?
  3. theV

    I am starting to doubt my Leo Rising

    Since I ever did my birth chart, I recognize myself as a Leo rising according to the birth time in my birth certificate. However, in the last couple of years, I started to notice that through my interaction with people, I am more identified with as a Cancer rising than a Leo rising. I feel as...
  4. theV

    Am i going to spain for an internship

    I have been offered an internship. Is this internship true or not? Am i truly going to'spain in this summer for this internship?
  5. theV

    Is it a soulmate connection?

    I have been talking with this individual for quite some time now. And there is a connection between. I would like to know more about it.
  6. theV

    Should I risk and open a school?

    Weeks ago, I have lost my job and my boss told me they are moving from the school. It was difficult for me at first, but now I'm thinking of taking chance and opening my school where I used to work. Should I jump in and take a risk? My situation: Thr time is running and I don't have much time...
  7. theV

    I want to puruse my higher studies abroad, what country would suit me?

    I am thinking of finishing my higher studies or pursue another major abroad, but I haven't decided which country to choose. I have to make up my mind so I could look for universities in the chosen country. I need to chose an English speaking country preferably Britain or USA. Please guys would...
  8. theV

    Have you tried examining your 45 and 90 Uranian wheel?

    I am currently interested in studying the 45 degree (8th harmonic) and 90 (4 harmonic) degree charts. The reason I got into reading the 45 and 90 degree chart in the first place because I started studying Uranian planets and their meaning in the birth chart. However, little I could grasp the...
  9. theV

    Will I be able to get the scholarship?

    Please Guys would you please take a look. It is bit rough academic wise
  10. theV

    Should I look for another job?

    I've been working for this people for quite a while now, and I like working with them they are nice people. However, I feel like I need money and the school currently doesn't have students and groups to teach. Should I look for another school or wait?
  11. theV

    Would you please your feedback on this blessed angel?

    Please provide input on this chart This is one of my friends whom I gave a birth chart reading too. She is one of the old soul I met. Although she has been through a lot throughout her life, she has enthusiasm and energy. She was impressed with my readings, and she has been trying to change her...
  12. theV

    New Year! Solar return!

    Hello everyone! I've been off lately, and I haven't contributed anything to astrologycommunity in these past couple of months. But I have came to conclusion about some solar return position. Last Solar return, my Sun crowned my first house. This positions enables me whenever it happens to...
  13. theV

    Should I quit this job? I need answer asap so I reply to my boss

    I just got a new job, but I am not feeling alright. There are many issues and I am not feeling like I want to solve them.
  14. theV

    An astrological opinion on 23rd sept 2017

    Are you updated on the prediction of 23rd sept?
  15. theV

    A bisexual guy had fallen for me.

    I met this guy online and now he is trying to persuade me to pursue a relationship with him. Would someone please enlighten to the motifs of this guy?
  16. theV

    Will I be able to open my own school?

    I am sick of working for people. I ended up being exploited and unpaid. I am thinking of opening my own bussiness and work for myself, will I be able to make it on my own?
  17. theV

    Change my roommates and go individual?

    Hello everyone, I wanted to change my room in the campus from being two in one room to individual room. I don't like living with others and I feel more comfortable on my own.
  18. theV

    Will I be able to balance between my studies and work?

    I started working part time job, but I am afraid my work will affect my academic performance. Could you tell from the chart whether my job will affect me?
  19. theV

    Only horary can help me!

    Guys, I'm in urgent matter. Should I go tomorrow to college?. From Saturday to Wednesday, there has been strike in my college. They are intending to stop it tomorrow which means I have to go. However, I want to finish my week at home that is 4 hours drive in addition to rain and traffic jam 5...
  20. theV

    "stories from the stars" report, does it apply on you?

    have you tried the new free report of the report includes three major stars that influence different aspects of your life. The Stars that Shape your Character Murzims in Canis Major The Stars that Shape your Vocation Acumen in Scorpio The Star Stories in Your Life The...