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    This Year

    Hello!! Im wondering if anyone could look at my yearly transits for this year,for ive just come though a pretty tough couple of years especially with my family and marriage.The finances have suffered also and add to that major damage has been done to my home by flooding:( Am curious to know...
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    flare up

    good day everyone:)As some of u alreadly know i suffer from chronic pain with fibro and lupus,but as of late ive been gettin these god awful headaches and really bad knee pain.Is there an influence thats setting these events off??This is really been bothering me since i have a full house here...
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    chronic pain

    I started a thread yestuday and i do apologize for this but im very new to this sight and realized i wasnt toally clear in the info i wanted,lol..Anyways for 21 years ive suffered from lupus and chronic pain with fibro as well as RSD.And numerous reproductive problems,cysts,endomentroisis and...
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    chronic pain from fibromyalgia and lupus

    I have had to have been on every type of drug there is to try. I was on over 20 drugs. I took myself off because I was so drugged up. I am down to aobut 7. I am looking for some insight and any natural remedies to try.