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    Will I be penalized ? Help

    Hello everyone, Yesterday I received a notification from my university that a disciplinary investigation was opened against me. I am asked to make an oral or written defense, frankly, there are parties in the case that I am right, although not entirely, and I want to tell the incident...
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    Will I be able to do an internship at an office I dream of?

    summer internship. me mercury combust sun moon has applying aspect with jupiter but fall What do you think?
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    Why did the doctor attacked me ?

    Hello , Since I moved, I applied for a family doctor change and went to the hospital and submitted a petition. I walked into the doctor's room and said I wanted to have some tests done. In a way I could not understand, he suddenly started yelling at me and said that not every test is done here...
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    Is she a good doctor ?

    Hello, I changed a lot of doctors due to my illness, I was not very satisfied for some reasons and I started a new search because I had to change the city. Will she be able to help me? Thank you so much.
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    Exam horary

    Hello everyone :) I took the foreign language exam, it is an important exam for me. It is not clear when it will be announced and I decided to look at the horary .... As someone still trying to learn horary: - Is it better to take the exam as 3rd house or 9th house? Should we look at the 10th...
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    Negative reception?

    Hello, I will take a foreign language exam that is important to me. My question was will it go well as I expected. Because it was an exam, I took the ruler of the 3rd house. The first angle of the Moon is with the sun. But isn't the Moon harmful in Scorpio? How should we interpret it?
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    What are his feelings about me ?

    The reason I ask the question is I cannot understand him. To help me tell you, my foreign language teacher is also one of my friend group. At first he was complimenting me, but lately he has been acting differently. I just wonder what exactly he thinks of me. Can you help me? Should I look 5th...
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    Horary question from my friend

    My friend made her chart. She asked me and I commented, but I wanted to ask you too. She has her permission. Her question: Will he return me? Will we meet again? for me , no what do you think? thank you :)
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    Longevity indicators in composite or synastry

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    Is this the end?

    Hi ! It is romantic relationship question. I think no,moon will aspect to the jupiter what do you think? thanks..
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    Will I be able to join the international law club?

    Hi everyone ! I study law. my university law club chooses its core member staff. My interview is on Thursday. Will they take me? Should we look at the 9th house or the 11th house?
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    Being lawyer or being academician?

    Hello to everyone ! As you know, I study law, but I still haven't decided exactly what direction I should proceed. What do you think? Which one suits me better? If a different profession has caught your attention, you can also say it :)
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    Why I cant have menstruation?

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    When will I able to change my house ?

    or Will it change ?
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    Will I be sick with the coronavirus?

    Hi everyone ! Looks like I'm going to another city soon. And the population density in this city is very high. As for the chart, moon in via combusta moon applies the mercury ruler of 6th house and house is the moons house. as for the timing, I have learned that cadent and fixed, impossible...
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    How will be our meeting ?

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    Venus retro experiences ?

    Hi what are your experiences in venus retros? I am thinking of dyeing my hair but they say do not dye, right? Anyone experienced?
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    Will I lose weight ?

    My significator is retro venus my target ,moon in 6th house they have applying aspect what do you think ?
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    Do I have any STD?

    do I have any?
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    Will I lose weight ?

    Will I lose weight for me chart says yes...