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    Passport help.

    Hi I asked Will the passports be here on time? Can anyone help me interpret it? Mars and Mercury make no aspect both in the first house so I’m thinking they won’t come in time? But the moon is also on the first?
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    Car key

    Hey can anyone help me? I have miss placed my keys. My sister in law had them the other day, as she got locked out of her house and I had a spare on my set. Now I don’t know if she never gave them back or I’ve misplaced them in my house? Any help greatly appreciated
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    Should I go back to work?

    Can someone please help me with this chart? I asked should I go back to work. I am out sick the past few weeks. I am due back shortly, I’m not sure I am ready or if I want to return to this job! Kindest Regards.
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    Hi, Could I possibly be pregnant. I’m only asking because I was sick this morning which is unlike me. I don’t think so with Saturn in the 5th but I’m not experienced enough to know. Kind Regards.
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    My six year old is a handful

    My son is six. He is a handful as stated above. I’m really struggling with his behavior. I don’t know how to deal with him. He has mars conjunct Saturn in the 9th or 10th Vedic scorpio.Could that possibly be why he’s so headstrong & determined? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Feeling ****!

    Why am I feeling so down? Why Am I feeling so down in myself? Any input greatly appreciated...
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    Saturn havoc

    Saturn conjuct and the sun,9th house Sagittarius. Uranus conjuct Mc Neptune in 10th, how does it play out? I am a very scattered person, I find it hard to see a project through.
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    Interpretation needed.

    Hey, I’m wondering why this man I work for was outside my house in his car today? I never gave him my address.
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    Muscular pain or Blood clot.

    I asked Do I have a blood clot in my leg? Any input is greatly appreciated. I have pain in my left leg for a couple of days. I did experience pain after exercising last week so it could well be that, but I wasn’t expecting it to last so many days.
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    Is the sore on my breast anything serious?

    I cast this chart for the above question, any taughts would be much appreciated. I think it might be a boil but it’s quiet nasty looking.
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    Hey, I asked why won’t my son behave? I understand he’ is young- under l0. He never does as he is asked. He is always very wound up- completely full of energy. He doesn’t sleep till quiet late every evening. I struggle with discipline in an authoritative manner, so I find it difficult to deal...
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    North node

    Transit north node exact Conjuct natal Chiron 3rd house Gemini? What is it about? Something fated?
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    Solar Return.

    Hey All, I’m wondering if anyone can help me understand my solar return nn conjuct my natal Chiron? 12th/3rd house. Thanks.
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    Have more assertion

    I struggle to be firm with my children. I don’t know how, as crazy as it sounds. I grew up with a very hard mother and I promised myself I would never treat my kids to that life, but in doing that I’m far too soft with them. How do I be firm? I have let go of my past but I don’t want my kids to...
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    Why am I thick?

    I’m slow to react. I’m always last to get the catch. My minds quiet slow to react and people comment on it. It seems as if I’m lazy. My natal Mercury is in Scorpio 8th house maybe that plays a
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    Natal HELP

    I’m sure I’ve posted my natal before. I’m struggling to understand myself. I need help!!! Why can’t I make a basic decision with out looking for clarification from people? I’m mutable I morph into what I need to become but why? I wish i was more assertive and I wish i knew what I wanted to do...
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    Should I return to college, a course I was previously studying but never completed . I do feel inadequate not having any qualifications so im not sure if I’m just doing it to have something for all the money I’ve put into it. Saturn is in the first so is void? But he is in Capricorn so I’m not...
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    Will the carloan be approved? I’ve tried reading ithe chart. I’m not doing well. Outcome will be know In a day or two. Also Sagittarius is my first house but so is Capricorn? It’s confusing me. Any help is appreciated
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    How will he take it?

    I’ve tried to tell my long term bf I don’t want to be in a relationship any longer. I told him last week, but we made up last night, My fault because I’m scared. This morning when i woke I knew in my heart this isn’t what I want anymore. I’m scared as to how he will react when he realizes I’m...
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    In my head or reality?

    So I asked this question regarding my relationship. I’m in my relationship roughly 17years. I often wonder am I imagining that he’s being cruel on purpose(narcissistic) or is it in my head? Is he afraid to let go? I’m not afraid I’m just apprehensive off the aftermath Any information would be...