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    Who I am

    Hi, I am Helene. I've had my nose into astrology for 50 years now, since my son was born. I'm a youngish 71 years of age. I take adult ballet class routinely for many years for exercise. Right now I am laid up with a healing dislocated hip. I normally work in the afternoon where I teach 13...
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    What are the prospects for my VA appeal for my late husband's Survivor's Benefits

    Hello, I began my request for my late husband's VA Survivor's Benefits. I was denied, but am taking the option to appeal. I submitted my paperwork in April of 2019 and my hearing will be at 8:30 am on 2/25/20 in Oakland, Ca. The public sees me as highly deserving but a modification of a rule...
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    I've been sick for 3 weeks and have been Dx'd with bronchitis. Venus is the ruler of my 6th and this Venus retrograde in my 6th is in the intercepted sign Scorpio in my 6th. How long will I be sick? The chest X-ray shows a problem in my lungs. Maybe Pulmonary hypertension. Do I have a...
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    Husband's health

    Jimo is my third husband and is experiencing tough health challenges. Any insights would be much appreciated. I am 8/23/48 12:15 am ST, Philadelphia, PA Husband: 8/13/26 2:02 am ST San Francisco, CA Many thanks. Helene