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  1. Sorrowful

    Studies,degrees success or not.

    Hello,yesterday i gave my first of my exams,for language degree,i have mixed feelings cause i didn't had the time lately to prepare properly,but my feeling is for positive result,i will pass it suppose,will know after 20 days from now the results. The second degree,with title Pc Technician,is...
  2. Sorrowful

    Exams success prospects Aug 2022

    4/08/2022 i'm giving exams about a degree,it's important for me to pass with success.(Still don't know the specific time),do you read success or failure,thnx. DOB 20 sept 1986 TOB 5:25 am POB GR/Thessaloniki
  3. Sorrowful

    Will i overcome my personality disorder that affects negative my life?

    This question is to read how the disorder will continue to cause mental health issues in future or will be managed and reduced the symptoms. I have to inform you that avpd is probably caused by childhood trauma and its patterns cannot fully be cured or treated.
  4. Sorrowful

    Will seminars coaching for social skills help me?

    Hello,i've started some lessons to improve my social skills,communication,social comfort,flirting techniques,role playing with women etc,do you believe this will help me or will get dissapointment from this package? Money i spent were good enough,but wanted to improve my self in areas where i...
  5. Sorrowful

    Birth Chart Reading

    click to elarge image Career/job future,marriage prospects,obstacles,mental health.Thnx,if you have patient to read.
  6. Sorrowful

    Palmistry blog/sites sources suggestions?

    Hey,anyone of you know to suggest any blog/site for reliable palm reading?
  7. Sorrowful

    Marriage before 40 yo or single for whole life?

    My question is if will marry one day,between 36-40 yo,or will remain single for more? Already lacking relationships so far.:sad: DOB 20 september 1986 TOB 5:25 AM POB Greece/Thessaloniki city
  8. Sorrowful

    Will i make it to lose overweight before summer comes?

    Hi,i suffer from overweight,it begun when i took meds and antidepressants,maybe it's the side effects,even if i tried nutrition or do gym sometimes,i lack motivation and self discipline so i cannot lose my overweight. What you think of it? Is it possible to lose em till this summer?
  9. Sorrowful

    Bossy mother bullying about overweight..

    Hi,last year i have been overweight due to emotional struggles i'm facing and meds i'm taking,my bossy mother doing me bullying for my overweight all the time,looking me strange,observe me with weird look,screams up on me why i'm fat,if i like to be fat etc.:pouty: I cannot afford her behavior...
  10. Sorrowful

    Unemployment issues 2022

    DOB 20 September 1986 TOB 5:25 am POB Greece I'm unemployed since my contract with the company i was before didn't renewed again,will remain without a job whole 2022?:sad:,is there a specific period is more favorable to start searching,give interviews etc?
  11. Sorrowful

    Lost job,career issues and unemployment.

    DOB 20 September 1986 TOB 05:25 am POB Greece I lost my job,how you see my career prospects into 2022 or further,do you see me as unemployed for long period or will have opportunities next 3-4-5 months to secure a stable job? Thanx for any of reading.
  12. Sorrowful

    Why i lost my job?

  13. Sorrowful

    Personality Disorder Issue

    DOB 20 SEPT 1986 TOB 05:25 AM POB GREECE/THESSALONIKI TOWN Hi,can anyone tell me about my mental health issues such the avoidant personality disorder and depression i got diagnosed since last feb. How long time will need to get finally healed and treated from the symptoms,already doing therapy...
  14. Sorrowful

    Solar Return Chart for 2022

    Hi,request for solar return reading,my interests are about mental health,carreer,making relationships,finishing studies,overcoming obstacles.Thnx
  15. Sorrowful

    Will i get my money back?

    Hello,i've loaned some money in a colleague he had financial issues to help him,i thought it was a trusted dude,but still haven't returned back my money,i think he uses my kindness,will i get my money back and when?
  16. Sorrowful

    Did my decision to retire from job was right for my career?

    I still have self doubts,this has been a nightmare,my mind stuck if did right or wrong.:crying:
  17. Sorrowful

    Career future?

    My career have stuck to bad job with small salary,when will have change to a better job which will enjoy more?? DOB 20/09/1986,POB Greece/Thessaloniki, TOB 5m25 AM
  18. Sorrowful

    I got fat and cant lose it,whats wrong?

    Hi,in last 5 months i got fat so much i cannot afford it,people mocking and bullying me,i feel unable to start nutrition,gym etc.
  19. Sorrowful

    Should i start kick boxing lessons?

    Do you think,that if i start from sept kick boxing as hobby,will help me to increase my self confidence and self esteem?