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  1. Sofiamiddle

    Does Saturn need to be mutual to be felt by both?

    Who’s Saturn aspects the other person more? In this chart? Cause the thing is person B has its Uranus conjuncting person A’s Venus and sun so would that make person B easier to leave the relationship than person A? Since person B seems to have less Saturn contacts to person A? I guess I’ll...
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  3. Sofiamiddle

    Is there a mystic rectangle in this chart?

    If there is one, What does it mean?
  4. Sofiamiddle

    Mystic rectangle in Davidson?

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    Is having Uranus and Neptune in the first house in composite bad?

    Both Uranus and Neptune are in a composites first house. Is that really bad? Are there any successful marriages that have that?
  6. Sofiamiddle

    Grand cross

    My natal doesn’t have a grand cross right?
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    I think I should tell her to break up :(

    My sister and her Bf’s chart for some reason scares me because of the Uranus, and Neptune contacts it seems like it will suddenly out of the blue will end and my sister will just end up hurt. Should I tell her? I know people say she should just follow her heart, But honestly I haven’t seen a...
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    Are these charts marriage material?

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    Is my moon afflicted?

    I was wondering about this for quite awhile.
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    Does this look like a short affair?

    This ones not my sisters btw I already made a thread about that but anyways, there are a lot of bad Uranus aspects with venus, sun and the moon and Saturn. Does it look like it would last long term or nah? Cause to me it does look like it won’t according to the synastry but just want to know if...
  11. Sofiamiddle

    Is this generational?

    Is Uranus conjunct Venus and sun generational or something because why do I have this with like 4 men who are 9-10 years older then me? Would it still be felt then? And I also have Uranus conjunct Saturn with them all.
  12. Sofiamiddle

    Should they not expect too much? I’m so confused!

    My sister and her bf have really bad Uranus aspects and Im worried that it wouldnt be stable enough, cause my sister is deciding to marry him but I doubt that will be possible or if they do their will be a sudden divorce ahhh Im worried for her what do I do? They barely have any Saturn contacts...
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    Is this an unstable relationship? Help please!

    Are they marriage material? I’m scared because of the bad uranus and Neptune aspects in the synastry. And the composite doesn’t seem very promising. With the Neptune and Uranus in the first house although I do know a married couple who has this so it’s most likely not a deal breaker. But still...
  14. Sofiamiddle

    Is this unstable?

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    Ahhhhh it’s trueee I thinkkk!!!

    Every married couple I have checked like EVERYYYYY have an aspect even a MINOR ASPECT from valentine to SATURN, JUNO, OR THE MOON in EITHER the SYNASTRY, COMPOSITE, OR DAVIDSON. Like if you don’t have it in the synastry you will have it in the composite or Davidson. But does that mean if you...
  16. Sofiamiddle

    Getting married soon?

    Ok so yesterday my bf proposed and obviously I said yes I wanted to say this sooner but it’s all good. I know I have said I will not post more synastry or composite charts for interpretations and such. Im still marrying this man even if our charts say no but anyways maybe you guys can help me in...
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    Marriage approved? Or nah

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    For all the married people here!

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    How would you guys describe me by my natal chart?

    Just want to know a little bit about my self. What do you think my personality is like according to my natal I would love to know! :biggrin:
  20. Sofiamiddle

    Is it true?