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  1. Gemini888

    Which house represents a student?

    Suppose I'm a teacher, and I want to cast a horary chart asking about a student of mine. Which house will represent them?
  2. Gemini888

    Why do they say Aquarius/Uranus create astrology?

    I can't seem to find evidence support this claim. Personally, I would imagine Pisces/Neptune being a better association. Pisces/Neptune is connected with the higher realm without being stuck in dogmas like Sagittarius. Pisces believes in everything spiritual and Neptune transcends all boundary...
  3. Gemini888

    Why was our relationship so painful despite similarities in out charts?

    I know I shouldn't bring up past hurt, but this is a good opportunity for me to learn something about astrology, and also maybe an answer. We were born in the same city, and she was born a day later than me, so there are a lot of conjunction in our charts. But our relationship was a turbulent...
  4. Gemini888

    Can you delude yourself into liking something?

    My grandma always boasts about how she worked for peanuts while supporting her entire family and thrived. She worked as a teacher, and from what she told me, she was overwhelmed by the job at first, mentally challenged kids, the low salary... but then she learned to enjoy the job, though she...
  5. Gemini888

    2019 US - North Korea Summit

    Will anything good come from it? My interpretation for it, and I'm not sure if I'm right: Chiron conj Mercury causes some quarreling during the interpersonal relationship. Taurus Mars in 8H loosely conj Uranus is stubborn and may have malicious intention to destroy. Neptune tightly conj the...
  6. Gemini888

    Please help me understand my Venus

    My Venus has only an inconjunct to Jupiter. There has always been a disconnect between how I perceive my Venus and how people perceive my Venus. I can't connect to the energy of my Venus. I have had people complimenting my appearance, which was the source of my insecurity for long. What is my...
  7. Gemini888

    When did you first feel the effect of your MC, consciously?

    I believe my MC has always been with me since forever. But I only learned to master its energy very recently, when transit Pluto touched it. I read a blog that said the MC is activated when one enters high school. I disagree. My MC is in Cap, and according to the same blog I should have already...
  8. Gemini888

    Is an angle eligible for a singleton?

    Suppose someone has no air planet and only has Asc as their only air placement, does the Asc count as singleton?
  9. Gemini888

    For the people who were born during the transit between two generations

    I mean people whose Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not in the supposed position of their generation (for example, I belong to the Scorpio Pluto generation, but my Uranus is in Aquarius instead of Capricorn) See this list for reference If you were born during a transit between two generations...
  10. Gemini888

    How does your chart ruler play out in your life?

    Do you think your chart ruler shape much/most of your life? Is the effect more significant than other placements (NN, MC, most elevated planets...) I'd like to listen to your story about your chart ruler, what its sign and house are and how they intergrate into your life.
  11. Gemini888

    What is your Draconic Sun/Moon/Asc?

    Just for fun because I'm not sure about the significance of Draconic charts myself. According to my Draconic chart, I'm a Libra with Virgo moon and Asc. My Mercury is in Scorpio and is the only water planet. My Mars is in Capricorn. Well, that may explain my Scorpion traits and why I sometimes...
  12. Gemini888

    Fire is simutaneously the least and most dependent element

    You need some kind of force to create fire because fire just doesn't come from nowhere like Earth or Air or Water. But when a fire is created, it makes sure anything coming near it gets destroyed. If you leave fire alone, it will go wild and create destruction at it own will. But a fire's life...
  13. Gemini888

    Zodiac signs for countries, just for fun

    Just some crazy idea of mine to assign signs on countries based on their characteristic. I think France is a very Cancerian country. One prominent feature of France is its food, now that's the first :cancer: thing right here. Family also plays a strong role in the French culture. The French...
  14. Gemini888

    Placements for writers

    A lot of people associate writing talents with Gemini, 3rd house and strong Mercury. But then there are also talks about how the Moon and Cancer boost imagination and writing skills. In fact, I read somewhere that angular Moon is prominent in writers. So which one is better for writers? Gemini...
  15. Gemini888

    Intelligence indicator (details inside)

    I believe that there are several kinds of intelligence. So far science has discovered 7 types of intelligence. So this question will be quite broad. I also saw a blog categorize intelligence according to astrological elements. So according to the blog, the type of intelligence we often think...
  16. Gemini888

    Mercury squares Saturn and opposites Jupiter - contradictory much?

    I have these in my chart and this is a real paradox. Saturn makes Mercury constantly doubt itself, but at the same time Jupiter makes Mercury overconfident about its ability and jump into things without hesitation. Any thought on this? BTW my Saturn and Jupiter form no aspect to each other.
  17. Gemini888

    Are you a loner?

    And what placements do you think contribute to this? I can describe myself as a loner. Although I like socializing, when it comes to solving problems, I prefer to do things myself. I also don't like chitchatting just for the sake of it, I want deep bonding with people. If it's just exchanging...
  18. Gemini888

    Meaning of Chiron

    What is the deeper meaning of Chiron, apart from "part trauma"? And how does Chiron work in its sign and house, and in aspect with other planets?
  19. Gemini888

    Saturn in 12th house meaning

    I know that Saturn makes the chart holder more responsible for the matter of the house it touches. Like Saturn in 7th house makes the chart holder more responsible for their relationship with others. So what about Saturn in 12th house? The 12th house is about imagination, otherworldliness, and...
  20. Gemini888

    Geminis, how much do you want to communicate?

    How much do you have in your head that you can't wait to speak out (or write out)? Before I joined this site, I had been a lurker for quite some time. I saw interesting threads and I wanted to comment real bad. When I have to hold back from talking, I feel the tension inside me and it either...