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  1. Cypocryphy

    Political Predictions and Fatalities

    It's been awhile since I've been here. I just want to post something so as to ensure it's not something being said after the fact, which will be the case in one instance. I'm also not going to take the time to show how I came to a certain conclusion(s). Perhaps I will later, but certainly not...
  2. Cypocryphy

    Will querent receive her second package and if so, then when?

    Here's a follow-up question to this. I have told her that she will receive the second package; however, she confirmed to me that she hasn't. I told her that it would be sent to her as honored by the vendor for free. That it would spend time in customs and/or USPS for a total of one week plus...
  3. Cypocryphy

    Will I receive the international package I ordered and if so, then when?

    Here is a question I was asked. This chart should be read as querent in the first. Apparently, I said the package is likely lost or stolen and that, in any event, will not be seen again. This did not go over well. So the person has asked other practitioners (paid practitioners). I don't know...
  4. Cypocryphy

    Uranus B.C. — Makes Saturn Look Like A Toy

    So I won't make this long. Some of you are familiar with my hypothesis that ancient Babylonians were aware of many things, such as at least some of the outer planets. The one thing that is known for sure is that these collection of people and cultures could see the planet with the naked eye as...
  5. Cypocryphy

    Moirai: The Thread of Death

    Good EVENING everyone: Here I will begin by systematically predicting the death of famous individuals (as time permits) based on various principles and techniques, from Hellenistic to Modern methods as I have developed my own system, in a sense. Why you might ask? Because death is not the...
  6. Cypocryphy

    Is my grandmother going to be okay?

    This chart can be read as an event or a horary chart. As an event, I don't have her natal chart so I guess it will have to be a horary. I have not looked at it and don't want to. Please be kind.
  7. Cypocryphy

    Will I get my Visa to visit the U.S.

    How would you have interpreted this chart? Just curious as to various interpretations. Thank you! :smile: P.S. It's only in regard to a temporary visitation
  8. Cypocryphy

    For Professional Astrologers – Getting questions every second to minute

    Hello everyone, What do you do when you get a question every 30 seconds to a minute (high speed horary) and 80 percent of them are the same question. I'm thinking horary is useless at this point unless all 80 percent are in comparable situations. It's driving me bonkers because I don't feel...
  9. Cypocryphy

    Amala Yoga

    What effects does amala yoga have on native and when are effects most pronounced? Seeking understanding. 🙏
  10. Cypocryphy

    Anyone familiar with Bernadette Brady's Predictive Astrology?

    I was just wondering if anyone is familiar with her book, "Predictive Astrology." And if you are, how would you go about predicting this transit, in general: :uranus: :sextile: :ascendant: (in the middle of October—perfects) Natal house of Uranus: Descendant | Transiting House Location: 11th |...
  11. Cypocryphy

    Will the state provide me the benefits I deserve?

    Astrodiest is down. Please accept my substitute chart. I am really concerned about this, hence the via combusta. Any insight most appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Cypocryphy

    Need a New Job – Time of Change?

    Dear Community: I'm looking for any insight into when I'll have a career change. I've decided to follow my heart and soul path and am geared to make a massive change. If you'd like additional information, I can provide it. But here are the charts that can help.
  13. Cypocryphy

    My Birthday is Tomorrow—Any Insight in My Solar Return?

    I've been looking at my chart and not too keen on it. Uranus and Venus are conjoined now, and the ascendant falls on something unfavorable, so ... anyway, I was wondering if someone wants to give this a go. I'll provide feedback on things. I've had just a **** year so far, and I am looking for...
  14. Cypocryphy

    PLEASE HELP:Anyone's take on what career path this female should take?

    Hello everyone, I haven't been on here in awhile, but I was going to reach out to the community here and see if anyone can help me with a career/vocation analysis of this chart. This is a female that I know, and she's had the hardest time trying to figure out what to do with herself. I'll...
  15. Cypocryphy

    Composite Chart: Look Like Domestic Violence?

    Just to preface this, I've come to learn that the composite chart seems to give a better, clearer description of how two people interact with one another, as when they come together, rather than a synastry chart. I've seen synastry charts that look awful but the relationship works well. And then...
  16. Cypocryphy

    Cafeastrology Synastry Scoring – Experiences

    Anyone have experience using the synastry scoring guide? If so, did you find it relatively accurate? Just curious . . . .
  17. Cypocryphy

    A True Waking Nightmare: Transiting Saturn Square Natal Venus During Saturn Return

    This looks like a real multidimensional nightmare; the blackest, stormiest clouds you've ever seen, descending on life and relationships. The SaturnS are in Sagittarius and Venus in Pisces, the former in the sixth house and the latter in the ninth house. Saturn rules the seventh house and Venus...
  18. Cypocryphy

    Question of Chemistry and Compatibility with Each Other?

    I'm just curious to see what others' input is on this. I did this before nearly six or more months ago, but now, with that amount of time having gone by, as well as my knowing her much better than before, I thought it would be interesting to see who much others think we line up or making a good...
  19. Cypocryphy

    How to circumvent the need for freedom when you need to commit?

    I have Uranus conjoined to my ascendant and Jupiter conjoined to my descendant. So, you can see how my relationships have a tendency to be loose and non-committal. But I don't want that anymore. I want to commit. I want to find stability. I have Saturn conjoined to my Moon, and that's my one...
  20. Cypocryphy

    Objective take on this composite chart?

    Finger of God – Intense Composite Chart Here's my composite chart with a woman I've bene spending time with. I'm curious as to others' take on it and what you think this relationship will entail. I will thank you now for your time. :smile: I see the Mars/Saturn connection, which at first I...