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  1. Blackempress

    Any signs of marriage?

    There is an ongoing relationship looking to be formalised or ended. Any indication of marriage this year?
  2. Blackempress

    Am I getting married?

    There is a potential person and we are both nervous. I thought of using Horary to test the situation.
  3. Blackempress

    Differentiation of aspect based decisions?

    How do you know if there are multiple transits occurring (esp long term) that the decision you are taking is based on which one? E.g I have Jupiter trine Jupiter till February 2022 while also a background pluto sq pluto and Neptune sq Neptune... if I make a bold decision to change my life yet in...
  4. Blackempress

    Relocation and Citizenship query

    I have an offer to relocate to the UK for a job, people recommend relocation but the dilemma is that I have a year to remain in order to gain an EU naturalisation. I am torn between choices and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on 1-whether a relocation at this time would be...
  5. Blackempress

    Neptune Sq Neptune transit 20 years

    Hi Folks, I just noted that I have a Neptune in 10th (Sagg) conj MC now transiting with a Pisces Asc Neptune. I have always struggled with clarity of career and a general dissatisfaction despite being a doctor etc. I find progress exceptionally difficult and have very low motivation for "real...
  6. Blackempress

    Professional astrologer needed for career advice.

    Thanks to plenty of difficult aspects, my questions regarding career keep popping up. - although it is likely unfair to blame the chart but I feel that Neptune conj Midheaven is strongly subjected to 'FATE' no matter how hard one tries to materialise success (career progression). I have pluto...
  7. Blackempress

    Compensation for lack of an element in chart

    How do you make up for the lack of an element in the chart? I have major Air and Water which is so :rolleyes::rolleyes: I have noted that I tend to live more in my head and there are fewer actions and more ideas. I want to learn how to action plans and deliver more. Any sources or...
  8. Blackempress

    2 good opportunities- unsure where to go.

    Attached are my natal chart, relocation chart, and Chart of the moment.
  9. Blackempress

    Sun in the 4th house- why doe it lead to late maturation?

    Sun is the ego and the 4th house belongs to Cancer and everything related to root. Everything near the IC relates to family/parents but in general it is seen that people with 4th house Sun develop later than others. Why?
  10. Blackempress


    Hi, I'm seeking some advice on a pending relocation. I last moved out of hometown (another city) in December for a new job. Now am waiting for a relocation to a new country. #reason- A job relocation for atleast 6 months. When Is there a clear indication for the Long-term relocation...
  11. Blackempress

    Leisure vs academia, which is better this May?

    I have a chance to visit the US this May which was a big dream but my gut keeps telling me to invest the time/money to take a post-grad exam. Traveling involves a friend whom I don't want to refuse but getting past an exam is a personal achievement. What should I opt for?
  12. Blackempress

    Can I pass the exam?

    I got a clinical exam on December 1st. I'm feeling extremely anxious and am 'zoning out' frequently. Many seniors have praised me besides highlighting issues but am unsure of my performance on the main day. I have performance anxiety and mess up once I get nervous. Could someone give me a...
  13. Blackempress

    Alter the Predicted Fate

    I'm swearing that Uranus triggered off this man who decided to meet me. Instantly I knew he fit the description of the partner on my chart. Jupiter (Placidus) is nearly upon the Desc. Everything seems going on well, except I don't like the Synastry nor the guy in an 'excited' way. Jupiter...
  14. Blackempress

    Why can a person not relate to their chart?

    I was pondering over the reasons for why a person could not relate to their chart provided it was based on correct data?
  15. Blackempress

    Bucket Chart with 12th Dominance

    Hello, I had a chart request and feel quite rusty on analysis now. I need some help analyzing this. Saturn and Jupiter are prominent but the Fire and Earth energy in combination plus the ASC-DSC axis is baffling me to conclude anything at all. Thank you.
  16. Blackempress

    Karmic Lovers in a dangerous relationship

    I just read on the Saturn-Neptune in Synastry as translating into "hard to let go" relationships despite the challenges that crop up in between people. That's the current relationship I am going through. We met through work & he's married but somehow reluctant to get emotional with him...
  17. Blackempress

    How do you feel loved?

    I was reading through some relationship advice & came across the idea that someone who shows love 'the way you perceive love' is the one you end up appreciating the most. It automatically reflected the condition of our Sun, Moon & Venus but for myself I came head-on my Venusian interests &...
  18. Blackempress

    Suggestions for this relationship.

    I don't seem to interpret synastry very well but there's an obsession factor here. What's the best and worst for this relationship?
  19. Blackempress

    Does the missing Element in chart always seek completion?

    My chart strongly misses Earth & fire. I have external planets in fire otherwise am strongly air or water. I'd been pondering about this LACK being a dominant trait amongst the ppl I select, means that I SEEK those who fulfil these elements. Most of my companions are Aries, followed by...
  20. Blackempress

    Nodes & Aspects

    Does anyone have Sq to their Nodes & understand how they work? I have Mars :square: NN, Sun :conjunct: NN & Saturn :square: NN. Anyone with ideas on the functionality?