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    Paid or free chart reports?

    Hi folks, has anyone experiences with paid astrology report sites? is it worth it? And if then which sites are worth the money? Thanks for your opinions. Shuter
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    What should a new astrology website have?

    Hi folks :-) I am thinking about starting a new astrology page. I have some ideas of my own, but I would like to hear more opinions. What service or information lack the current popular sites? What you searching for and cant find? What would you like to use but nobody offers? Any ideas? Or...
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    Networking/Meetings for astrology fans in Central Europe?

    Hello everybody, I am interested in astrology for 13 years but dont really know much people who would have the same hobby. I think it is mostly it is because I am from a small city in Central Europe, in Slovakia. I started to look for more people interested in astrology to share experiences...
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    Starting new page - writers and texts needed

    Hi folks, I hope is not against the forum rules to ask for help in such matters :-) I hava a idea for a new astrology page, but lack texts to fill it. It would be no big problem for me to write them myself, but as I want to do the technical part of the job (programing the page, and there will...
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    New job chart

    Hi everybody, this is the chart for the moment I signed my new working contract. I wonder what the exact Sun(12th house and Capricorn) opposition Moon(6th house and Cancer) could mean? Anyone a gues? btw. feel free to analyze the event, I would be thankful for some interpretation :-) Thank...
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    More then one sign in house

    Hi people, does someone knows how to interpret the influence of a sign that is completly closed in one house. Like I have Aquarius at ASC, and Pisces and Aries are part of the dirst house too, without been on the cusp. The second house starts in Taurus. I could not find any interpretations for...
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    Saturn transiting Sun

    Hi everybody, I have upcoming Saturn (ruler of my 12. house) transiting - conjucting - Sun (ruler of 7. house). Has anyone some ideas what could that mean, and how to use this time in the best way? Thank you for answers.
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    How to fulfill my aspects?

    Hi folks, i am searching for a astrological book that would not be written in the way: "this aspects means that you are this." But more in the way how to change yourself to fulfill the aspect. What to do, how to be, for what to reach out. I could not find, so far, many texts and books with good...
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    What should i do?

    Hi everybody, could anyone one give me a advice about what to do to fulfill my natal chart? Any website or book where i cann read about that. What i mean is that i dont want to know what my aspects mean, but how to best use them to become a better person. Anyone an idea. Thank you very much...
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    How would you interpret my Saturn?

    Hi folks, i have actually a Saturn transit to my Mars (quadrature) any i figuerd out, that i dont know to role of my Saturn in my chart. Any one to help me with that? :-) Thanks for any responds. Here is my chart:
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    Astrological aspects of these days

    Hi, i look at today chart and i see following interesting configuration: 1. Unacurate T-quadrate in cardinal signs. Uran quadrature Pluto and opposing Saturn. I believe it is no coincidence that we are now facing a continuing economic uncertainity in Europe (about Greece, Portugal) and the US...
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    Moon quadrature Mercury conjunction Pluto

    Hi everyone, i am searching for more deeper explanations of the following aspect: Moon in Leo quadrature Pluto conjunction Mercury both in Scorpio. Moon is 6th house and Mercury-Pluto in 8th. I have read most stuff in free available manuals on the web, didnt help me much. What i am trying to...
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    The Yod, Golden Yod and Boomerang pointing on North Node

    Hi everyone! Recently i started to use Inconjunct aspects and noticed a Yod in my natal horoscope. There is not much usefull to read about this constelation on the internet, so i decided to ask about youre experience/insights about this fenomenon. I read to older thread about Yods, and...
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    Its a good idea to meet her?

    Hi everybody, i have a simple problem: i didnt use astrology for some years and now i want to ask a question. But i forgot how to use time zones :-) I am located in Central Europe, Czech Republic. I use Astrologer 5.4, should i use +1 time zone or -1 time zone? If anyone wants to look at my...